Large Property For Sale on Magallanes Road

$ 150,000

Magallanes, Alajuela

Posted 10 months ago
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This 4.86 acre (almost 2 hectares) Ocean View property near San Ramon is perfect for development (or for someone who wants a large private property for themselves, away from the traffic and noise in the community of Magallanes). Located in the heart of coffee country, it is only 3 miles away from Magallanes but a world apart! Here you'll find the peace and quiet of nature and no neighbors visible from the house you would build (or one that is already available). This property is subdivided and ready to develop with some more infrastructure, if you so choose; or you could build your own private paradise here with horses or cows, a coffee farm, a pool, or anything else your heart desires. Later if you want to sell off a lot or two, that would be an option for making money on your investment! In time the value of this property will definitely go up! Gorgeous views of the sunrise and sunset out over Nicoya Gulf are available from every part of the property! (See photos!) White faced monkeys visit occasionally, and toucans are seen most of the year, as well as beautiful hawks, parrots, and many hummingbirds! Great for birding! (How about making it a community for bird watchers and other Nature lovers?) The property has a park-like atmosphere, with clean land (not jungle), many flat build-able spots, yet many trees of various varieties, including lemon, orange, avocado, guayabana, cas, marinon, and banana. If you've always wanted to live out in the country yet not too far from San Ramon and just down the road from the nice little community of San Francisco, this is ideal for you (or for buyers you may want to develop the land to sell to)! Price is negotiable depending on how much land you want to purchase but the whole 4.86 acres or 19,668 M2 is available for ONLY $150,000 U.S.

Property Details

$ 150,000

Available as from 08 July 2019

Please contact Michael White

3 miles past Magallanes on Magallanes Road, Magallanes, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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4.86 acres Interior Surface

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