bike sharing in Quebec
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Maybe you are considering settling down in Quebec and you are wondering about transportation? First of all, you should know that road transportation and planes are the main means of transportation in the province if you want to go somewhere.

Trains in Quebec

Quebec also has around 6.302 km of railways that are used not only for freight but also for passengers. VIA Rail Canada is in charge of the inter-regional transportation. From Montreal, it is possible to reach Nova Scotia going through Quebec City, Lower Saint Lawrence, Gaspesia and New Brunswick. Two routes allow reaching Jonquière near Saint Jean Lake and Senneterre in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. To finish, one route allows reaching Ontario.

Note that Canada is the only country in the G7 countries which does not have a high-speed train. As a result, a trip from Montreal to Matapédia in Gaspesia is going to take eleven hours by train instead of eight hours by car. On certain routes, you may be offered Wi-Fi or entertainment services.

Montreal region has a commuter train service managed by "Réseau de transport métropolitain". This network includes six lines reaching to 82 cities as well as to the Kahnawake Indian reservation and the city of Saint Jerome.

Planes in Quebec

Quebec is a very wide province and people often prefer taking the plane. Note that the prices are very expensive to fly from one city in Quebec to another. There are similar to the ones for international or national flights.

There are over 40 airports with regular daily flights. Wherever you fly from, most of the flights go to Montreal or Quebec City. Three airports are located in the big cities, seven airports connect further regional centres and 33 other airports offer flights to remote communities. There are also three international airports that fly passengers and freight.

Subway and bus in Quebec

The Montreal Island has a network of four subway lines managed by the Transport Society of Montreal (STM). It manages as well as 155 lines of buses that connect the city with its suburbs. Only around 20 of these lines operate at night.

In the other big cities of the province, public transportation is made by bus. Most of these cities have a website you can check to find the operation hours and the routes. In general, you will be required to buy a monthly pass for a hundred dollars.

Outside of the STM, other companies like Greyhound, Orléans Express and Grayline connect the different cities of Quebec. A ticket should cost between 40 and 100 CAD according to your destination and the time of the year you want to travel.

Carpooling in Quebec

Carpooling is the cheapest means of transportation in the province. Quebeckers use it a lot. This method consists of one person who wants to drive to a specific location in Quebec and who offers to drive other people there in a carpooling group or a specialized website. Passengers split the gas bill decide by the driver before the trip.

AmigoExpress is the most popular platform of carpooling. You can also search on Facebook for groups of carpooling in your destination city.

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