Accommodation in Israel

Accommodation in Israel
Updated 2017-09-18 09:23

Israel offers modern, good quality housing units, especially in and around its main cities, with straightforward contracting conditions. However, a dearth on the market has sent the real estate prices skyrocketing over the past years, making it somewhat harder to reconcile quality and affordability.

Types of accommodation

Although apartments are the most common type of property in Israel, you will also find roomier housing units, even in big cities:

  • meduragim (stepped apartments) generally including a vast patio
  • cottages, i.e. attached town houses
  • du mishpachti, i.e. semi-detached houses
  • bnei beitcha, i.e. free-standing houses
  • Most properties come unfurnished and rents usually don't include utility bills. Electricity, gas and water in Israel are, however, quite reasonably priced.


Apartment buildings do not always have elevators.

Rents in Israel

Due to a housing shortage, rent prices in Israel have soared in recent years, driving many people away from city centres and prompting many others to share apartments.

According to the Economist, Israeli property prices were among the fastest-growing worldwide over the last decade, with a 118% hike in nominal terms.

Currently, rents for an apartment in a big city are, on average, as follows:

  • for a 2-bedroom apartment: NIS 1,500 - 3,000
  • for a 3-bedroom apartment: NIS 4,500 - 10,000

Support initiatives

The Jewish Agency provides specific programmes to help new immigrants under the Law of Return settle. These newcomers can, for instance, be lodged in a kibbutz (a rural community) during their first 6 to 12 months in Israel.

New immigrants also benefit from a number of financial incentives, such as an exemption from local taxes during their first years in the country.

To mitigate the impact of price increases, the Israeli government has been staging housing lotteries, giving away properties at discounted prices.

Rental conditions in Israel

You can either rent directly from the landlord, or go through a real estate agency, which usually charges a full month's rent.

It is, as anywhere, very important for a tenant to understand their rights and obligations as stated in the contract. You should especially make sure to check the following:

  • amount of the building's maintenance fee
  • possible price increase upon renewal of the contract
  • expected condition of the apartment at the end of the contract
  • right to keep pets

Most rental contracts run over a one-year period.

Rental contracts in Israel are in Hebrew, and if your skills in the language are not sound enough, you are advised to ask a native speaker for help.

Find accommodation in Israel

You can find on the Internet plenty of resources apt to help you find accommodation in Israel. Don't hesitate to check out the useful links listed below (in English).

Additionally, local English-speaking Facebook groups publish accommodation offers for expats.

Useful links:

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