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Finding work in Israel
Updated 2023-10-20 13:41

When seeking employment in Israel from a foreign location, preparing ahead of time can be challenging. provides a comprehensive guide to navigating your job search journey in Israel.

Job-hunting is less restrictive for specific profiles, such as artists or senior corporate executives. Israeli employers are responsive and often favor candidates already in the country who are prepared to assume their roles immediately. However, for those aiming to explore opportunities before their arrival, it's recommended not to start the process more than four months before their intended entry to Israel. This approach prevents unnecessary or premature steps.

Before you can look for a job in Israel, you must have a work permit, whether an immigrant one or a temporary resident visa.

It is not possible to look for a job in Israel on a tourist permit in the hope of converting it into a work permit. However, you can start a job search from abroad if you are interested in working in Israel. In most cases, Israeli companies prioritize local candidates unless your expertise is uniquely specialized and scarce within Israel. Generally, as previously said, unless you have rare skills, Israelis prefer to hire people already in the country who can start immediately.

Here are a few tips before you start your search:

  • learning Hebrew is essential to maximize your chances of finding a job in Israel. While it's not entirely impossible to find a job where mastery of the language isn't necessary, a lack of Hebrew limits the field of possibilities;
  • in professions that are subject to regulations, like healthcare, law, education, engineering, architecture, accountancy, and similar fields, certified translations of your diplomas are essential. Additionally, it's important to contact the relevant authorities to confirm if your credentials are recognized, if a professional license is necessary to practice, and if any additional training is required to align with Israeli regulations and laws.

Once these conditions have been met, it's time to start looking for a job.

Preparing your CV in Israel

The first thing to do when looking for a job in Israel is to prepare a CV in Hebrew or English.

Resumes should be concise, yet it's crucial to highlight every skill pertinent to the specific job you're seeking. While it's a convention to include a passport photo in resumes, it's not obligatory. The decision largely hinges on your abilities, but a photo can often have a significant impact.

In the private sector, especially for professions not bound by specific diploma requirements, employers attach great importance to your ability to learn, adapt, and demonstrate motivation. If this applies to your situation, ensure that your CV effectively showcases these attributes, encompassing internships, diverse work experiences, and instances where you've seized opportunities to learn, contribute, and advance.

Due to the streamlined dismissal processes in Israel compared to Europe, the hiring process is also smoother. There are fewer obstacles, greater flexibility in hiring procedures, and a quicker pace, resulting in a significantly less stressful experience. You can secure a position relatively swiftly, which certainly adds to the dynamic nature of the Israeli job market.

Where to look for a job in Israel

In Israel, personal recommendations hold significant weight. A neighbor or friend might lead you to potential job opportunities. Moreover, some WhatsApp groups consistently share job ads, and Facebook is another avenue for job hunting. Several Facebook groups are dedicated to posting job listings specifically for those who speak French.

Qualita is a platform designed to help new French-speaking immigrants integrate, with work being one of the key factors. The non-profit Qualita platform has created a high-performance employment hub, offering conferences, job offers, personalized support, and workshops to prepare for employment in the country.

There are also job centers nationwide under the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. You can contact them by e-mail or telephone for an appointment and help in your search.

Israel boasts extensive connectivity, leading to various job boards available. Generally, the process of job hunting in Israel is less formal compared to European countries. Responding to job postings on specialized websites often involves sending a CV without the need for a formal cover letter.

Like anywhere else, you can take the initiative by directly approaching the companies you're interested in and sending them unsolicited applications. However, having a good command of Hebrew is essential for this approach.

Preparing for a job interview in Israel

It's time to get ready once you've booked your job interview.

While the culture in Israel may lean towards informality, it's important to note that showing up to a job interview in shorts and flip-flops, unless you're aiming for a lifeguard position, is not advisable. The best approach is to gauge the company's style and tailor your attire accordingly. Nonetheless, maintaining a well-presented appearance is a basic requirement. For roles in the service sector, opting for a good and professional look is recommended. The course of the job interview doesn't significantly differ from elsewhere, concluding with a simple handshake and a friendly smile.

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