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Updated 2020-03-05 07:12

Iasi is the third economic centre of Romania, after Bucharest and Cluj. There are also comfortable and chic places for accommodation, from the beautiful old neighbourhoods to the generous blocks of apartments. Find all about this topic in the article below.

Types of accommodation in Iasi

When it comes to the accommodation types, in Iasi there is one single five-stars hotel. For the long term, expats can rent or buy one apartment in the tall blocks of flats or enjoy a beautiful house from the old, classic neighbourhoods.

Due to the ICT domain, and the higher incomes of the population, the real estate market in Iasi has developed a lot, and the rents are higher, so be prepared to pay more for a suitable accommodation in the capital of Moldavia.

The most popular neighbourhoods in Iasi

Iasi is like most of the big cities in Romania. It has beautiful neighbourhoods, strained with history, but also new, modern ones, at the periphery.

For those who are looking for the best accommodation in Iasi, they should have a look at the Center, Palas area, and Trainstation area. And for those who want to feel the atmosphere of the beautiful Copou Park, which was one of the "muses" of the national poet, Mihai Eminescu, Copou neighbourhood will be a great choice.

If you don't mind staying in the suburbs of the city, then don't hesitate to choose Bucium, Valea Lupului, or Miroslava.

Rent prices in Iasi

The renting prices and the buying ones in Iasi are really spicy. Although expats are reading everywhere that Bucharest and Cluj are the most expensive ones in terms of accommodation, well, Iasi is the same.

For instance, a single-room apartment, meaning a studio, can cost 300 euros around the centre of the city. Those who want to buy a flat instead will pay for a two-room apartment at the periphery of the city around 50,000-60,000 euros while in the centre it can increase to 75,000-80,000 euros.

Where to find accommodation in Iasi

The easiest way to find good accommodation, based on your criteria, is by using the Internet. There are lots of online portals with different types of accommodation you can search through.

Another popular practice is asking a real estate agency that can help you find the flat or villa you want. Keep in mind that the real estate agencies will ask a fee, which is half of one rent value.

If you know some Romanian, you can look in the local newspaper, to find the accommodation you are looking for.

Lease conditions and procedures in Iasi

In Romania, the rental contract is consistent, and it covers some important issues that both the owner and the tenant are interested in. For instance, the contract will offer you the safety of your deposit and also prevent some unexpected rent increases.

Although not everybody declares the rental contract to the state so they will not pay so much tax, it's always better to have an agreement. However, make sure you have at least a contract of loan use, where you will both establish the amount of money you will pay per month, together with the clauses you are interested in.

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