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Located in the Southeast of France, Nice is a very popular expat destination in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Its inhabitants are lucky to live close to Italy which is accessible by car through the Mont Blanc tunnel. As a world-class cultural city, Nice boasts a number of notable historical monuments in addition to its stunning natural vistas. Those hoping to find a job in Nice will certainly enjoy the accompanying French lifestyle in the city.

Nice's economy

Besides the beautiful views of the sea and mountains, Nice also has a dynamic economy which is mainly driven by tourism and trade. Nice is the fifth biggest French city. It is also the second most dynamic zone of the PACA region.

The labour market mainly revolves around services industry and tourism in particular. Therefore, there is a need for employees in the tertiary sector, especially in fields such as seasonal tourism, information and communication technology, healthcare and personal services.

Promising fields

You are more likely to be hired in the following fields if you have the required qualifications and skills:

  • hospitality
  • personal services
  • trade
  • sales

How to search for a job in Nice

Networking can be of great help during your job search in Nice. You are advised to start your search on social networks and job websites, where employers are likely to post any openings.

Nice also hosts its own Chamber of Commerce and Industry, about which you can find more information in the useful links provided below. You can also seek the assistance of the Maison de l’Emploi of the Sophia Antipolis Agglomeration Community, which is a meeting point for employers and job seekers.

 Useful links:

Chambre de Commerce et de l’Industrie Nice – Côte D’Azur
Maison de l’Emploi of the Sophia Antipolis Agglomeration Community
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