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It is the middle of the working week, and you need an evening out just to carry on the rest of the week. In Helsinki, ways to indulge oneself are many. This article tells you more about the leisure activities you can choose from.

Relaxation in Helsinki

For those preferring physical relaxation, there is Helsinki Day Spa right in the centre of the city in the premises of hotel Klaus K. The treatments are many for both genders and for the whole body – from manicures to massages, from aromatherapy to skin peeling and waxing.

A few blocks away is situated another location to soothe tensions away. Yrjönkatu swimming hall, the first one in the country founded in 1928, is a pleasure also aesthetically. With an architecture like a Roman Spa, it offers luxury amidst the daily treadmill. Hours are divided between men and women, and the reason is obvious – swimming naked is allowed. Customers have their own cabins where to relax and enjoy refreshments.

No matter the time of the year, it is always possible to get wet also outdoors — even just opposite the Presidential Palace. Allas Sea Pool constitutes of a warm water pool, a children’s pool and seawater pool placed on a floating deck. Thankfully, there is no fear of hypothermia thanks to three saunas.

A bit further away from downtown, some two kilometres lies the latest oasis for those about to sweat and swim, Löyly. Founded and owned by actor Jasper Pääkkönen, best known for his role in the Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman the sauna complex was ranked among the 100 best attractions in the world by the Time magazine.

In case you don’t fancy a bath in the wood heated saunas and a swim, there is a good restaurant and a bar and an elegant terrace with a view towards the wide-open sea.

Fun games in Helsinki

There are also other means to ease your midweek blues. How about a game of pool or snooker together with a few drinks? In the Töölö district, the place to go is Ritz Biljardi. Nine pool tables and three snooker ones are available. Another snooker hangout worth mentioning is Baribal in Punavuori. Another fun way to spend time with friends is to go glow bowling. In downtown Helsinki, there are at least three bowling centres – Ruusulankatu, Simonkatu and Helsinginkatu.

All sorts of free time activities in the evenings can be found under the same roof in Salmisaari entertainment and sports centre. Premises in eight floors have wall climbing, flight simulators, skating rinks, beach volley and laser tagging for the Darth Vaders to be.

The nightlife in Helsinki

During the week, the live music scene in Helsinki can be a bit quiet. But, there’s always something ranging from jazz to rock to classical. The venues to check are Tavastia, the legendary rock club, as well as On the Rocks, Bar Loose and G Livelab. Savoy Theatre hosts gigs ranging from world music to pop, Storyville has a traditional roots and jazz flavour, and Äänivalli gathers an indie and hipster audience.

Gradually, the gay and the whole LGBTIQ scene in Helsinki has become very lively. Clubs like DTM (Don’t Tell Mama) and Hercules are hugely popular. Other often crowded party venues and bars for a mixed clientele include Rymy-Eetu, which has specialised in German beer and sausage culture, Maxine and Grotesk. A place to go in the summertime is Kaivohuone, an old spa built in 1838, now turned into a nightclub. But, if you can’t make up your mind early in the evening whether to party hard or have a quiet drink and maybe a dinner the choice would be Teatteri. Situated in the Esplanadi Park the complex has a salad and cocktail bar, a restaurant and a nightclub for those able to sleep late the following morning.

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