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Updated 2017-11-27 10:41

Although these are great ways of addressing the big questions of moving to Estonia, you may still need some help with the more practical aspects of relocating and moving your stuff.

Relocation services and help

There are several relocation services you could hire to help you with moving your stuff from your home country to Estonia. But first, you should consider whether you could do most of the work on your own. As an expat in Estonia, you can apply for a tax exemption, which will allow you to bring your household goods and personal vehicles without having to pay customs duty and VAT. You should also check with your future employer because some of them hire relocation services (like Move my Talent) specifically to help them move their new expat employees to the country.

Moving to Estonia with your family

The practicalities of bringing your family to Estonia differ, based on whether you come from an EU country or not. If you and your family are non-EU citizens, your spouse can apply for a residence permit at the same time as you, as well as your children (if they're under 18 years old). If you and your family are coming from an EU country, then there are no restrictions in them joining you but eventually, they will have to go through a registration process to obtain their temporary right of residence and Estonian ID card, like you did.

When it comes to raising your kids in Estonia, there is a training program that will acquaint you with everything you need to know, from the system of family benefits in Estonia and children-related information and services to the rights and duties of children and parents. Estonia was the first post-Soviet state to legalise same-sex unions, so although not exactly a paradise for rainbow families yet like Finland, equality is not something you should be worried about here.

Moving to Estonia with your pet

As in most countries, your pet needs to have a microchip implanted and a rabies shots, but for coming to Estonia pets also need to do full vaccinations, including Distemper and Parainfluenza, within 12 months before arrival. Then you need to get an EU health certificate from an accredited veterinarian (along with USDA endorsements) within four months of your departure, and an international health certificate within ten days of your departure. All these documents, along with a copy of your passport, need to be on them when your animals and you make your trip to Estonia.

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