Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) or D-Visa

Hello everyone. I will be moving to Tartu at the end of August to attend graduate school, so I have begun my TRP application. I will be arriving in Estonia around August 28th. Does this seem like enough time to complete the application process and receive my TRP or should I also apply for a D-Visa since the process is typically faster? I have been in contact with the migration advisors in Estonia, and have referenced information listed on the boarder patrol website, but I would love advice from someone who has gone through the process. I will either be applying at the embassy in New York or directly in Estonia. Does anyone have any experience with this process? Any advice or suggestions regarding this process would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the visa process as well! Very confusing! I will apply for D-visa and TRP at the same time through the Estonian Embassy in Ankara! It seems TRP is a card that I could pick it up in Estonia. I have contacted the UT but their replies contradict with what I found on the embassy website. For instance, embassy asks for the official letter of admission, while UT claims the print would be enough! I’m not even sure what should be my bank account balance?!! 260 per month?! so I should have 260 *2*12 in my bank account?

I am in the middle of this process as well. I am sure that we should apply for both visa D and TRP. visa for being allowed to enter Estonia and TRP for being able to use free public transport and other facilities provided for students. D visa can be obtained after 2 weeks but TRP needs at least 2 months.

It was my knowledge. I would be happy if I can answer your other question

I visited the Consulate in New York to submit my application for the TRP and they said that I did not have to apply for the D Visa as well because I was applying more than two months in advance so I should get the TRP before the end of August when I need to be in Tartu. It is a rather confusion process and I got the impression that they have been a bit more strict with the whole process recently. Hopefully everything will work out for those needing Visas/TRPs.

What is E residency Estonia ,do it supports TRC?

I think E.residency is just for Europian union nations. but I am not sure. You can ask them by email and would be great if you can share your information here aswell.

Thanks Salma

No, it does not exactly mean to TRP, however it opens to every one in the world.  You may relate this e-resident program to the BVI company services on a transparent and digital platform.

E-residency is a new concept, invented by Estonian government. They are in the initial steps of its development.
Anybody from around can apply to be an e-resident of Estonia. It does not bring any allowance to enter Estonia, and also no advantage for applying for Visa or TRP. It just allows a foreigner to start a business in Estonia remotely.

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