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If you are looking for a job in Prague, here is an overview of the capital city's labor market.

Like most European capital cities, Prague is also very welcoming towards expatriates. Indeed, the Czech capital city attracting foreign professionals from around the world thanks to its developed and dynamic economy. Finding a job there should not be a major issue. Indeed, career prospects are abundant in Prague as long as you know from where to start.


Prague is not only the Czech capital city but also the country's major economic hub. It hosts, among others, the Prague Stock Exchange, the National Bank of the Czech Republic, as well as the National Railway Company. You will also find the head offices of several big national companies.

On the other hand, cinema, tourism and processing industries make a significant contribution to the national economy. In fact, the capital city's is not less than 72% above the European average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in terms of purchasing power parity.

In early 2010, Prague hosted more than 200 industries companies involved in the food, electrical manufacturing, machinery repair and installation and automotive industries. However, the number of employees in these sectors has decreased from 200,000 in the 1960s to slightly more than 70,000 in 2010 due to mechanization. At the same time, new jobs relating to technology and engineering have been created.

Tourism is deemed to be the capital city's second economic pillar thanks to the growing number of visitors. Indeed, Prague received around 5 million tourists every year due to the presence of nearly 30,000 active tourist spots.

Labor market

Prague's labor market is open to different types of profiles. You are thus likely to find a job in several sectors such as logistics, transports, construction and services, among others. Job seekers, for their part, tend to approach all types of companies.

In the private sector, multinational companies provide career prospects namely in information and communication technology, logistics, finance, banks, and even technical jobs. You might be luckier if you have a good command of foreign languages.

However, bear in mind that the number of job seekers in Prague, like in the rest of the country, is higher than the number of jobs available. Therefore, you should be quite patient to be contacted by companies where you have applied for a job.

Find a job

In a small country like the Czech Republic, networking may be the best way to find a job. Word of mouth can also help if you have friends, relatives or contacts on the spot. And why not try your luck by sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the capital city?

Recruitment agencies may also help you find a job according to your profile more easily. Consider browsing job offers on the Internet and in local newspapers as well if you have already moved to Prague.

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