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Like most European capital cities, Prague offers plenty of interesting opportunities for expats to explore. From a diverse culture to a dynamically developing economy, the Czech Republic’s bustling capital can be a great destination to further your career.

Finding a job in the city should not be too complicated — then again, there are quite a few specifics to keep in mind and it’s always best to get acquainted with the country’s labour market and economy before deciding on the move.


Prague is not only the Czech capital city but also the country's key economic hub. It hosts, among others, the Prague Stock Exchange, the National Bank of the Czech Republic, as well as the National Railway Company. You will also find the head offices of several big national companies.

Formerly an important industrial base, Prague is now a modern city with a service and R&D-based economy with its local small businesses which have been very successful in attracting both foreign and domestic investment.

The service sector, in particular, is the city’s growth engine and employs around 80% of the workforce. The most important areas are the financial sector as well as trade-related services. Another increasingly relevant industry is tourism.

The automobile, pharmaceutical, and electrical engineering industries are still important for the city as well as breweries making the country’s famous beer.

On the other hand, cinema, tourism and processing industries make a significant contribution to the national economy. Tourism is deemed to be the capital city's second economic pillar thanks to the growing number of visitors — in 2017 alone, the city welcomed over 7.6 million tourists.

Labour market

Despite the city’s rich industrial past, most of today’s work opportunities lie in the service sector as well as IT and technology, logistics, transports, education, and construction among others.

In the private sector, multinational companies provide career prospects namely in information and communication technology, logistics, finance, and technical jobs. International companies in the IT and high tech sector, in particular, seem to offer very attractive expat packages — both in terms of salary and work to life balance.

Find a job

In order to be hired by a Czech company, your potential employer will need to demonstrate that the position you are applying for cannot be filled by a Czech citizen — this is not the simplest process and can take quite a bit of time.

Things are much easier with international companies, which are plentiful in Prague, especially if you don’t speak the Czech language. You can start by checking the list of international companies in the city and sending out spontaneous job applications — make sure to include your CV, cover letter, and references (if any) in English.

English teaching is in high demand in Prague — you can get in touch with universities or private language schools in the city directly to learn about potential openings.

There are also quite a few specialised job hunting websites where you can find job offers in English. Alternatively, there is always the option of contacting a headhunting agent in Prague to help you look for a specific position.

Networking is also important — if you have friends or relatives living in the city, it’s a good idea to ask around for opportunities.

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