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Wondering how to make phone calls and access to Internet in Bulgaria? Find out in this article.

Nowadays, telecommunications are undeniably an essential part of everyday life. Thus, you will probably have to make phone calls and access to Internet, wherever you are across the globe. Obtaining a phone line in Bulgaria, whether a land line or a mobile phone, is not a difficult task. In fact, you can choose among different service providers, each one offering attractive packages at interesting rates.

Land line

Vivatel is the national telephone service provider. But you can find many other land line service providers, some of which provide Internet access and cable TV. Nevertheless, make sure to opt for the package which best suits your needs. In general, procedures to apply for a land line are the same for all service providers. Hence, you can simply visit one of your favorite service providers' branches along with your identity documents and proof of address. You will be requested to fill and sign an application form.

As regards phone bills, these will be sent to you monthly by post and can even be viewed online. You can settle your phone bills either at a bank counter, via an online bank transfer or in cash at the service provider's branch office. Note that phone bills have to be settled within 15 days following receipt. Otherwise, your land line can be suspended meanwhile.


Bulgaria hosts numerous Internet service providers. Some of these offer basic prepaid Internet packages while other offer high speed internet through ADSL, Wi-Fi or optical fiber. You can as well opt for cable TV which is generally included in many packages.

Once you have subscribed to ADSL, you will pay an average of 12 and 15 leva per month. In the case of optical fiber connection, you will pay some 60 leva per month.

In some major Bulgarian cities, you can even access to Internet at Wi-Fi access points. However, you will have to purchase a prepaid card to be able to get connected, but this card is not easily available. Hence, it may be wise to visit an Internet cafe if you do not have an Internet connection at home.

Mobile phones

The Bulgarian mobile phone market is served by three service providers, namely Vivatel, Mtel and Telenor. To subscribe, you can simply visit any branch of your preferred mobile service provider to fill in the application form. You also have to produce your identification documents.

In general, subscriptions are valid for a minimum of six months.You might prefer a prepaid sim card whereby you can make phone calls by using scratch cards.

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