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Da Nang's real estate market has known an accelerated growth over the past few years. Many expatriates have seized the opportunity to buy property in the region.

It is not difficult for an expatriate to find accommodation in the city of Da Nang. Many real estate projects are currently underway in this area, mostly for expats. In fact, foreigners are more and more numerous to invest in a house or villa in Da Nang which is above all a tourist region. Investors are also more likely to choose Da Nang for the implementation of their development projects.


The city has recently known a proliferation of hotels and luxury residences. Da Nang is especially appreciated for its white sand beaches and its exotic panorama. More than 2.6 million tourists visited Da Nang in 2012. Some simply transited through the city while others chose to settle there.

Moreover, in 2013, there has been a rise in the demands of expatriates to acquire land or luxury homes, especially in coastal areas and in the city centre. Regarding hotels, these have shown great satisfaction during the first quarter of 2013.

Real estate market

In Da Nang, you will find not only luxury villas and hotels but also multi-storey residential complexes. Prices generally range between 1.8 and 2.5 million dongs per square meter in some neighbourhoods. In others, especially in new urban neighbourhoods, you can expect prices ranging between 35 and 50 million dongs per square meter.

However, you can also rent a modern and equipped apartment villa in Da Nang. You can even find cheaper apartments or houses.

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