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The economy of Kyoto is very strong and its main economic contribution comes from electronics. This is because the headquarters of top electrical companies like Nintendo, Omron and Nissen Electric are located in the city. Tourism, textile and automotive industries also make a significant contribution to the economy. Kyoto is also home to many educational institutions and thus education is another provider of the city’s economy. Finding a job in Kyoto should be fairly straightforward.

Job market in Kyoto

The two main sectors with job availabilities for foreign nationals are the tourism and education sectors. As aforementioned the city has many educational institutions ranging from preschools through to universities. In recent years there has been a higher demand for English language as a subject in not only Kyoto but Japan as a country and consequently there is a high demand for native English speakers as teachers of English. As Kyoto hosts so many educational establishments this means that there are many English teaching jobs available. Besides English other languages like French, Russian, Korean and German are also gaining popularity as subjects of study so there are also opportunities to teach or tutor these languages too.

Tourism is another big industry in Kyoto. Kyoto has a wealth of traditional architecture and cultural heritage; therefore it is popular with not only foreign tourists but also visitors from other Japanese prefectures and Japanese school groups. As many foreigners visit Kyoto, there is a demand for services that provide for foreign tourists in jobs as translators, tour guides and working in popular tourist spots/ hotels/hostels offering English (or other) language assistance, and more.

Though these are the main areas with jobs for expatriates in Kyoto there are also opportunities to be found in fields like electronics, automotives, and technologies if you have the skills required!

Job-hunting in Kyoto

Finding a job in Kyoto is not so difficult, especially since the city caters to man foreign nationals. Jobs can be found using online job search sites, online classifieds and applying to the company directly online. Job listings are also posted in the classified sections of Newspapers. If you have trouble with your job search you can sign up with one of the recruitment agencies in Kyoto or nationwide. They will then help you in finding opportunities in Kyoto.

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