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You will probably have queries on Senegal's health care system if you intend to settle there. Here is an overview.

Health care will be one of your major concerns during your stay in Senegal. Rest assured that the country has nothing to envy to most African or even European countries. In fact, you are likely to find many local and community clinics, general and specialized health centers, hospitals, national health institutes and services. The health care system is very efficient and provides quality health care for locals as well as for foreigners, including necessary vaccination. You can also rely on the Social Security and on the Disease Welfare Institute.

 Good to know:

Senegal is one of the African countries with the lowest rate of AIDS.

Foreign workers

In general, foreign workers are affiliated to the Senegalese Social Security and possibly to a local health insurance via the Disease Welfare Institute. Your employer will be responsible of related costs. Note however that you will be eligible to these insurance at least two months following the first contributions.

In case you, or a family member, are hospitalized during the first two months, the company will bear the costs against subsequent repayment. But you can request a deferral to meet your quota. A financial compensation per patient per day (for you as an employee), as well as a compensation paid by your employer (according to the length of time you have been employed) also apply.

 Good to know:

50% of the contribution will be made by your employer while the rest will be made by you. Note that 3% of your salary will be deducted from you salary if it reaches a maximum of CFA 60,000.

Your employer will take care of administrative procedures in this regard.


If you have set up your own business in Senegal, you may voluntarily register with the proposed accident risks scheme provided Senegalese Social Security. Rates range from 1% to 3% and 5% depending on the nature of risk. Your contribution will be calculated according to your annual income between CFA 439,916 and 756,000. Registration procedures have to be undertaken at the Social Security Fund.


If you wish to spend your retirement days in Senegal along with keeping your rights in your home country regarding health care and social security, you are advised to inquire about these with the insurance agency.

 Good to know:

The Senegalese Social Security does not support people who are still within the working age but who are not working.


Before traveling to Senegal, you are highly advised to be vaccinated against the following: yellow fever, tetanus, polio, diphtheria, BCG, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), whooping cough, meningitis A and C, typhoid.

 Useful links and addresses:

Social Security Fund

Square O.I.T. Colobane
B.P. 102
Tel: (00,221) 33 889 19 89
Fax: (00,221) 33 823 67 75
Website: www.secusociale.sn

Old branch (basic pension and supplementary pension)

Senegal Pensions Provident Institution
22 Avenue Leopold Senghor - BP 161 - DAKAR
Tel: (00,221) 33 839.91.91
Fax: (00,221) 33 839.91.01
Website: www.ipres.sn

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