Willkommen: The best expat blogs from Germany

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Published on 2017-02-01 at 15:00 by Veedushi
Germany with its thriving economy, robust democracy, and liberal outlook is one of Central Europe's most inviting expat destinations. Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur, you will have no difficulty adjusting to the well-organised and efficient lifestyle — maybe with the help of a few words in German for a start. But wouldn't it be great to have an ally while living in Germany? We have selected five expat bloggers in Germany, whom we think you will appreciate for their experience and eagerness to share.

Settle in Berlin

Living in Berlin

If we had to choose one thing that Germans do extremely well, this would be order and structure. Bastien, puts this into practice in his blog Settle in Berlin. You are thoroughly supported with information from your day one in Berlin to when you have settled and started enjoying your new life. So, are you concerned about finding a flat share, learning German, discovering the flea markets, buying a nice bicycle, and paying the right taxes? Bastien has already thought about all of these, and has sacrificed some sleeping hours to help you settle in Berlin — nice and easy.

Welcome to Germerica

American expat in Germany

Have you ever wondered if the ideal place on earth exists? Courtney has invented her own — Germerica, where you find the best of two countries: Germany and America. You don't really have to be an American to appreciate Courtney's insight into Germany, but if you are an international student, you will definitely relate with the experiences recorded. Tuition fees, cost of living, part-time jobs, student visa, and student life — you name it, Courtney discusses it.

Ami im Schwabenland

Life in Germany

If Germany to you means culture, history, and a new language to learn, then Beth's blog Ami im Schwabenland is an introduction to all these and more. Beth — an expat in Germany since 2012 —has a lot to say about the German lifestyle, the differences among the regions in the country, and traveling to the rest of Europe. Dare to get inspired!

Frankfurt Expat

Oliver in Frankfurt

Oliver isn't your usual expat — he has over 20 years of travel and living abroad experience. Make Oliver's blog Frankfurt Expat your reference, if you feel frustrated already because most of the available material about Frankfurt and the surrounding areas is in German. In Frankfurt Expat you will find generic advice, but also useful tips and unique information about where to go and what to do. What we like the most about Oliver's blog is his photography skills — a blog with real, high quality images capturing life in Frankfurt as it is.

Oh God, My Wife Is German

Expat in Germany

Have you just committed for life to a German love? Don't panic! With some advice and guidance, you can do well — we said well, we didn't say it will be easy. In Oh God, My Wife Is German, life in Germany is about laughing. If you are looking for some quality humour to tear the tension of living abroad, check in at Oh God, My Wife Is German, and see what happens — we believe you will have the time of your life.