Book your discounted tickets with SNCF Connect from February 14 to 20

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Published on 2022-02-14 at 08:00
Are you planning to travel around Europe in the coming weeks or months? Whether you're going to Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands or even England, get the most out of discounts from SNCF Connect from February 14 to 20. Book your tickets now!

You might be yearning to visit your loved ones in Europe or simply treat yourself to a short or long-term leisure trip. Start planning!

For example, for trips from France to Spain, especially to Barcelona, ​​Figueres, Girona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Tarragona, RENFE--SNCF in Cooperation tickets are available from €29 from February 14 to 20. To travel from Paris and Lille to London, and vice versa, for the same period, fares start at €39. Note that fares vary depending on the destination.

From Île de France to Brussels, count from €29, and for trips departing Rennes and Nantes to the Belgian capital, fares start from €39. For trips to the Netherlands, especially to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, tickets are available from €35.

You can also travel to Germany, including Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, at a discounted rate of €29. Besides, for trips from Paris to Milan, Turin and Oulx to Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, tickets prices will range from €29 to €35.

Note that these fares apply to single one-way tickets in standard class or second class with Thalys, RENFE - SNCF in Cooperation, DB - SNCF in Cooperation and TGV INOUI. Regarding Eurostar, the offer applies to the purchase of round-trip tickets departing from France only. So do not miss these discounts and buy your ticket no later than February 20, 2022.

SNCF Connect: Plan your trips with a single app

Here is some good news for avid travellers! You no longer need to move to plan and book your trips, regardless of the duration and the reason. With the new SNCF Connect app, you can do everything on your smartphone wherever you are, even if you need to travel urgently. Furthermore, the SNCF Connect app offers a map of a wide range of routes combining the different modes of transportation available on the network (TGV INOUI, Intercités, OUIGO, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, coach bus, carpooling, etc.). Moreover, SNCF Connect provides complete real-time assistance until the end of your trip.

The SNCF Connect app allows you not only to choose your route but also to calculate your carbon footprint. And you will receive a notification indicating your departure platform. So it is a complete tool for travelling serenely across Europe.

Eco travel with SNCF Connect

Travelling with the SNCF network also means choosing an eco-responsible mode of transport. In addition to the freedom of travel and the speed of getting you directly to the city centre, travelling with SNCF trains can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50 times and 80 times than when travelling by car and plane, respectively.