Eight types of expats you have met during your time abroad...

Published 2020-02-14 11:48

Whether you’ve been living abroad for a while or you have just arrived, if you have an expat circle of friends, then you have definitely met the following types of expats. And if there is a type you cannot quite assign to anyone, then it is probably you! 


P.S: We did not need to carry a study to find this out, we have enough expats here in our Expat.com’s team ;)

The professional one

This expat means business. You have probably met them at a business networking event or know of them through your job but you would never really see them hanging out at the local pub or at the beach. And if you do, they would likely be on their phone sorting out an emergency at work.

A lot of the time this expat is an entrepreneur. Strike up a conversation with them and you will probably end up talking about the economic environment of your host country or… well something you would rather not talk about on a Friday evening in a pub.

The family

You have probably met them at a family expat gathering or maybe you’re neighbors. Usually, this is not their first expatriation experience as a family and you will definitely hear about their past experiences. They have lived in Belize, by a beach in Mauritius and are planning their next move to New York.

The expat family will go absolutely anywhere and do everything together. Family hikes, school events and they will almost always be traveling…

The social media addict

This person is a blogger, an instagrammer or a snapchatter but you feel like the only reason they live abroad is so that they can show it off on their social media. “What do they even do as a job?”, you ask yourself and you’ve been asked a few times.

Everything they do will end up on their social media. If they have managed to create a following, they will spend all their weekends in hotels, on getaways and will always be wearing the latest brands.

To be honest, you have, yourself, given up and decided to follow their Instagram account… 

The expert

Need to get a local driver’s licence, need to apply for a visa or just need to find a nice restaurant for dinner… This is your go-to person. This person knows absolutely everything about their host country.

This is often someone who has lived and worked in the country for a while and is now retired or a younger expat whose parents (or one of them) is from the country or just a bookworm who spends their time reading the local newspapers… or is just constantly on Wikipedia. Who knows?

The cultural chameleon

You may have maybe heard of them or maybe you have met them once because this expat does not like to get involved with other expats. They fake a local accent, have learnt the local pidgin, are engaged to a local and will absolutely deny being from South London.

The forever nostalgic

You low-key do not understand why this person is even living in a country other than their home country. They are literally always telling you about how they miss the food, the people, the supermarket home delivery and even the awful smell of public transport from back home.

For this expat, everything was better back home. The administration here? Just too slow. The transport? Never on time. The people. They were just better back home.

The forever romantic

You will literally never understand how two people can spend so much time together. But this expat has moved to a whole different country to be close to his girlfriend or her boyfriend. And it was sweet until you realized they cannot stop talking about their S.O. And whenever they are not talking about them, they are with them. You are literally never able to have a conversation with this expat without their S.O coming up or their S.O being here!

The life of the party!

How is this expat even able to attend all those parties and gigs? Do they ever sleep?

This expat is the party-girl or the party-boy of your expat circle of friends. Whenever you meet, they have either just woken up from the four hour night sleep after going out last night or are heading to a party right after. They’re usually in their 20’s and just out of university or… actually any age and just wanting to make the most of their expat experience!