Where you should move as a digital nomad in 2020

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Published 2020-02-12 10:52

More and more professionals worldwide are now switching to digital nomadism which makes it possible to work anywhere in a flexible way. Becoming a digital nomad also means being on the run for new opportunities at all times, with fast internet as your main tool. A recent survey conducted by Small Business Prices gives an insight into current digital nomadism trends and the places you should move to, given their benefits for your career.

Opportunities for freelancing are many, regardless of the country you live in. Information and communication, accounting and finance, and Human ressources are the most promising fields for digital nomads. If you are a developer with a solid background, chances are you might find a job anywhere in the world, as can freelance writers and translators, project managers and administrative officers.

The largest freelancer communities around the world

According to the survey, the USA is home to the world's largest freelancer community, for various reasons. Besides the availability of opportunities in a range of fields, coworking spaces are cropping up in most US cities. You will also benefit from an excellent internet connection with thousands of wifi hotspots and competitive internet packages. The freelancer community is also growing significantly in other countries like the Philippines, Canada, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

The global trend 

Work commute, traffic congestion, long working hours – doesn't it sound boring? Haven't you been dreaming of working remotely, while enjoying flexible hours? The survey reveals that 58% of Swedes prefer flexibility and being able to keep on renewing their customers in spite of the many challenges. The same applies to India (57% of respondents), Indonesia (56%), Brazil (54%), as well as Spain (44%). The USA, Japan, France and China are other countries where more and more people are choosing freelancing as a career. Obviously, some are keeping their full-time job and freelancing in their free time as well.

The best cities for digital nomads

New York stands out not only for the availability of freelance jobs in various sectors but also by the number of coworking spaces (261 in total), as well as the presence of free wi-fi hotspots (nearly a million). The average wage for freelancers in New York ($ 5,179 per month) is also very attractive. Paris comes 2nd thanks to the number of freelance opportunities available (7,924 positions) as well as the number of working hours (35 hours per week). In London, you will benefit from more than 4,600 offers, 242 coworking spaces, nearly 700,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as a 37.5-hour workweek.

Ever thought about moving to New Delhi as a digital nomad? Why not? The average wage for freelancers ($ 549 per month) might seem low compared to other big cities, but keep in mind that New Delhi is an affordable city where rent will cost around $ 249. Moreover, you will spend about $ 11 per month on your internet connection, even though it's far from being the best in the world. You can also choose from 245 coworking spaces, thanks to which you will not only get to meet new people but also get the most of potential opportunities.

Singapore (boasting broadband internet of 192 Mbps), Hong Kong (broadband internet of 151 Mbps), Los Angeles (where you can earn $ 4,525 per month on average), Bangkok (where you will pay $ 24 on average for internet), Tokyo (where you are likely to earn $ 3,324 on average per month and benefit from more than 440,000 free wi-fi hotspots) and San Francisco (where you can earn $ 7,230 per month and access to 102 coworking spaces) are other cities you should consider as a digital nomad.

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