Our expats' New Year Resolutions!

Published on 2020-01-08 at 13:15 by Veedushi
New year, new decade. Time for some change, something fresh and new. Have you decided to relocate this year? Or have you, finally, decided to learn the language of your host country? Here are what the expats we have contacted have said…

Maria Berns, an Argentinian expat living in Mexico

“I am Maria and I arrived in Mexico more than 20 years ago to study sociology and then film. Even though I lived in the US for more than 10 years. I decided to come back to Mexico to work in film and  to complete several writing projects on topics of travel and immigration. These two fields have enabled me to know many cities from all around the world. My New Year's resolutions include finishing a book on my mom and developing a film project on travel and the idea of memory. I hope that we may understand those who are different from us to better recognize the circumstances where we all live.”

Maria Berns

Emmanuel, a Nigerian expat in Mauritius

“My new year's resolutions include learning French. As an expat in Mauritius since February 2018 I have come to realize the importance of French in building important work and social relationships. Therefore, for the year 2020 I have decided to make one of my priorities learning French to enable me to build better relationships. I will also try to be serious in learning the violin. I have always wanted to learn a musical instrument, in 2018 I developed an interest for the violin and made a decision to learn how to play the violin. In that same year I bought a violin and registered in a music school to learn how to play. After a few months of learning my school timetable changed and classes were fixed on the days I usually go for my class and gradually stopped going for my violin classes. However, this was not a valid excuse for stopping the classes as I could reschedule my violin classes for other days. In the coming year, I have decided to add the continuation and completion of my violin lessons to my new year resolutions list. I have also decided that I will be more consistent in playing tithes.

And last but not the least I have decided to call my parents frequently in the coming year.”

Pom, a French expat in the Philippines


I am Pom, a 40 year old French expat in the Philippines. My parents were themselves expats, and a few years ago I decided I wanted to live this adventure as an adult and with my family - including two 8 year old twins. After two years living in Mexico and five in South Africa, we have just settled in the Philippines.

Resolutions, however, are a little like diets to me: few weeks of working hard and resisting to your temptations before the bad habits come rushing in. I have, therefore, decided on just one change: do something new every month. Going to a new place, tasting something new, try a new sport, try something new and out of common, start learning a language, say hi to someone I see often but never speak to... anything! I need a new challenge every month however small...

Emma, a British expat in Australia

“I am slowly recovering from SIBO which is a gut disease caused by food poisoning and have had to monitor my food intake, but also even the water I drink for three years now. As someone who travels quite a lot this has been very hard. And now that I am recovering, my objective for the year is to maintain a healthy diet. But also, to get out and explore more and not take my health for granted. I have also decided to go back to yoga in 2020 !”

Stephanie O'Dea, a British expat in Paris

Stephanie O'dea

“I moved to Paris from Manchester, England in 2012. I can't believe how long I've been here now, but I just love the city - it's home now, and I feel very lucky to be here. Every year I love thinking about what I want to achieve in the year ahead - everything from the books I want to read, to things I want to learn and the people I want to reconnect with  - making lists is one of my favourite things to do, so my first New Year Treat is to get a new journal. I use the bullet journal method and absolutely love it, and of course I devote a whole page to resolutions: I love that you can design your own page and tailor it to precisely what you want, then refer back to it throughout the year for inspiration! For 2020 I'd love to: read more (I didn't do very well in 2019!), improve my French level (I say this every year...), start blogging again, continue exercising regularly (I've never been into fitness but I'm finally getting there!), and really get a firm understanding of my finances! I do think it's important to remember that a year may seem like a long time but it goes by in a blink - and not to be too hard on yourself if you don't change the world like you meant to....”