Are serviced apartments the ideal for solo female expats?

Published 2019-12-03 10:07

The last decade has seen an increasing number of women moving abroad for work. Are serviced apartments the ideal solution to ensure safety for women living abroad on their own?

When moving abroad you’re faced with a number of options when it comes to your living situation. The most popular when moving to a new location is to look at rental properties and when moving to an inner-city spot, this usually means an apartment. While rental properties offer adequate accommodation situation for expatriates, serviced apartments are slowly becoming solid alternatives.

Serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular across the world. While the term ‘serviced apartments’ is used to refer to long-term and short-term accommodation services, we are going to focus in this piece on long-term rental offers to expats- especially solo expat women.

Indeed, serviced apartments are an alternative accommodation style which are mostly used by professionals moving abroad for work- especially when moving abroad solo. By definition, a serviced apartment comes with bills included as well as a housekeeping service. Certain categories of serviced apartments also offer a gym as well as a restaurant; they are called apart’hotels. 

Of course, serviced apartments would be more expensive than regular flats but their prices would depend on the city you are relocating to. Prices are generally competitive with hotels. And in many cities, they also compete on value with the local sharing economy and homestays. But  they also offer the professionalism of a branded hospitality business, rather than simply living in someone else’s apartment with all the inconsistency in terms of safety issues and quality that might bring. But serviced apartments also come with other things included, such as bills and access to other hotel-style amenities; so they become even more cost-effective the longer the stay.

With more and more women moving abroad alone for work, the option of serviced apartments offer a safe alternative to conventional accommodation avenues. Indeed, while in 2012, only 20% of expats around the world were female, this number had climbed all the way up to 25% while the number of people moving abroad also keep increasing. For even the most seasoned traveller, a one-way departure to a new city or country can be incredibly daunting. With plans to expand and the need to strike while the iron is hot comes the requirement to up sticks and put boots on the ground in your new location. And for the high-flying corporate female, this solo mission can easily become overwhelming. Having peace of mind whilst in a new location can be key to hitting the ground running as you look to expand your business or venture into a new market. 

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