New-Zealand: Toughening up in the requirements for a work permit

Published 2019-09-25 15:02

The changes are part of a bigger immigration reform in New Zealand. The requirements for the Talent Work Visa, one of the most sought after ways of settling in New Zealand are toughening up. The changes will come into effect on the 7th of October this year.

The Talent work visa is an incredibly popular pathway to settling down in New Zealand. It offers candidates who have a skill that is in demand in this country and who already have a job offer the incredible opportunity to stay for 30 months. But the Talent Work Visa is about to get even more difficult to obtain with the recent changes.

As from the 7th of October this year, candidates who have been offered jobs and are set to earn less than $ 79, 560 will not be eligible for the Talent Work Visa anymore. Indeed, up until this date, the minimum salary requirement of candidates to this work permit was $ 55, 000. Expats who are already holders of a Talent Work visa will not be affected by this measure.

In addition to making obtaining the Talent Work visa more difficult, it is also about to get more difficult for them to remain in the country. Indeed, Talent Work visa holders earning more than $ 90, 000 used to be able to apply for permanent residence after having resided in New Zealand for two years. This will not be possible anymore under the new legislation. However, the expat can still apply for a resident permit after two years but this will not be permanent.

For employers who are allowed to hire foreign workers, the legislation will also change as from the 7th of October. Indeed, these will need to renew their licence every two years instead of four years as it was previously.

These changes come ahead of a major immigration reform in New Zealand. Over and above changes made to the Talent work visa requirements, the authorities have also abolished the Silver Fern Job Search Visa. While the Talent work visa is available to anyone under 50 years old, the Silver Fern Job Search Visa is for young graduates who are specialised in skills in shortage in New Zealand.