Surprise as Vancouver becomes world’s friendliest city!

Published 2019-08-21 09:58

Vancouver is the world’s friendliest city, according to Big 7 ranking. But this news has not been unanimously welcomed with the pride one would expect from Vancouverites. Here is the top 10 and here is what Vancouverites had to say about the ranking.

Vancouver, Canada

The 1.5 million respondents to the world’s friendliest survey by Big 7 have made Vancouver the world’s friendliest city. Big 7 explains it has to do with “extraordinarily” friendly Vancouverites who are open and welcoming towards both tourists and expatriates. The report also points that the Vancouveris an inclusive place for its vast multicultural community.

Vancouver’s first place was not welcomed in the elation and pride one would expect. Residents and past residents of Vancouver somehow disagree with the city’s first place. A local news website, ironically called Vancouver is Awesome, also dedicated an article to the ranking summarising their readers’ reaction to the city topping the charts. Twenty-ish reactions from residents and past residents were very disagreeable to the ranking.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Once again, Big 7 explains Malays living in Kuala Lumpur were incredibly welcoming and friendly towards both visitors and expatriates. The writer points out that locals are usually easy-going and helpful.

What do Kuala Lumpur residents have to say about their second place in the ranking? They have definitely been a lot more welcoming of the news. “... overall, we’re a remarkably hospitable bunch and pretty fun to be with. If you find this claim slightly dubious, then just ask… the rest of the world”, writes the New Straits Times.

Bruges, Belgium

“The people here make Bruges stand out”, writes Big 7. Indeed, the website explains it is the people’s kindness and willingness to “go the extra mile” that makes Bruges the third friendliest city on the list. But they also point out the “fairytale” feel of this Belgian city. Indeed, Big 7 points out the tight community with welcoming and smiley people who give to the city the feeling of being a small village.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei makes it to the top 5 at the fourth place. The capital city of Taiwan is commanded for its inclusive community. Indeed, the report points out that the city is one of the most inclusive and welcoming towards the LGBT+ community in Asia. Other than that, Taipei also owes its fourth place to its friendly and welcoming residents.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg closes the top 5 of this ranking. Once again, the welcoming and friendly nature of residents is also pointed out.But the city owes its fifth place to how family-friendly and safe it is, according to Big 7.