Digital Woman's Day: Emilie, expat and a muse to women!

Published last month

Women empowerment (or the setting up of actions and reflections to legitimize and strengthen the place of women in society) is a priority several sectors and the digital age is no exception. Indeed, only 28% of its stakeholders are women… But there exists a plethora of incentives seeking to do just that and the Digital Women’s day is an example of such an incentive. It is celebrated in France on the 17th of April and a conference involving women from all around the world will be held on the occasion. Women empowerment in the digital world is exactly Emilie Mahaux’s fight.

Online, and in real life, men and women are still not on a level playing field. And this exactly the conclusion Emilie Mahaux, a French expat in Barcelona, came to after she embarked on her copy-writer journey. No different to real life, online, women acquire a legitimity that men de facto have. They have to assert themselves.. And that's exactly what Emily wants to do. Propel women's businesses online to the pinnacle of digital excellence but also coach other companies to be more sensitive to their female audience.

Emilie's career is in itself a good example of a success story in the digital world of women. After changing careers following a burnout, Emilie first became acquainted to the digital world when she started a personal blog after deciding to change jobs. Taking more and more pleasure in creating content in the digital sphere, Emilie realised writing is a "means of expression and liberation. On her blog, she talks about her expatriation and her new life in Barcelona.

Emilie takes pleasure in her new found hobby- the digital world giving her an opening on a world she did not know. So much so that she decides to make it her job. She sets her mind on becoming a copywriter, helping companies stand out by creating original content. She takes on several tasks from a variety of customers and aimed at a large audience at first. But Emilie is quickly becomes aware of the disadvantage of women who want a seat in the digital world. These "super women" struggle perpetually to be recognized and legitimized in addition to having to juggle work, family life and personal life.

This legitimacy, says Emilie, is not easy to acquire for women in the digital sphere with women making up less than 30% of stakeholders in this sector. Emilie wants to give these women the visibility they deserve and help them grow their online presence. And that's where she swoops in, choosing to work mostly with women and help them establish a valuable online image of their company or even their blogs and giving them the confidence they need to aim higher.

And the best thing about digital, according to Emilie?  Having "a much wider field of action to spread his message" and being able to address everyone, without geographical barriers. Emilie just makes sure their message is perfectly formulated and is targeted at the right people.

Digital women's day

Digital Women’s Day is held this Wednesday, April 17th, in Paris for the 7th time in a row. An initiative born in 2013 with the aim of encouraging women to embark, innovate and increase their visibility in a digital world still dominated by men. For the occasion, 4000 participants are gathered at the Maison de de la Radio to discuss and reflect on the following theme: "They are changing the world". Digital women’s day will be also be hosted in Dakar for the first time on June 13th.