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Published last week

For those looking to work and live in Europe, finding affordable accommodation can be a real challenge. In fact, most of the popular expat destinations in Europe are known for their high rent prices. However, to help you choose wisely – especially if you have a tight budget – here are some of the most expensive European cities to live in according to the latest study by ECA International.


appartements a Londres

London, a top destination for living and working abroad, remains the most expensive city in Europe in terms of rent. In spite of a slight decline in prices in the past few months, especially in Central London, finding affordable housing is still a challenge. For a three bedroom apartment, for example, count $ 9,701 per month on average. For the same type of accommodation in Outer London, count $ 5,543 on average? This clearly indicates that rent prices are not likely to go down anytime soon. Besides, stagnant wages and an unstable real estate market makes it difficult for buying property in London like in many other Brit cities.


appartements a Moscou
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Moscow is another favourite expat destination and has nothing to envy to other major European cities. While the rental offer is almost as significant as the demand, you should be willing to pay the price. For example, renting a single bedroom furnished apartment in Moscow's posh area will cost around $ 1,592. For the same type of housing outside the city centre, count $ 979 per month on average. This is with no doubt why Moscow keeps the 2nd spot in the whole of Europe.


appartements a Zurich

Zurich is a bustling and dynamic city that stands out for its high standing accommodation options. There's something for all tastes, ranging from luxury houses to apartments, but not necessarily for all budgets. While salaries in Zurich are relatively high, so are the rent prices. Count on average $ 3,037 for a single bedroom apartment in the downtown area and $ 2,369 for the same type of accommodation outside the city centre. To compensate, however, a magnificent natural landscape coupled with a tremendous cultural and historical wealth, await you.


appartements a Geneve
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Rent prices in Geneva have soared in the last decade. Its fourth spot in the ECA International ranking can be explained by the 5% price rise per year. The demand for accommodation being much more significant than the offer, it is therefore difficult to find affordable housing. As in Zurich, you will need on average $ 3,379 to rent a furnished apartment in downtown Geneva. Outside the city centre, count around $ 2,491 per month for the same type of accommodation.


appartements a Dublin
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Ranking 26th worldwide, Dublin is now the 5th most expensive city in Europe in terms of rent. During the past year, an 8% price increase (approximately $ 880) was recorded. Therefore, count on average $ 3,311 per month for a three-bedroom apartment in the Irish capital city. Besides, large multinational companies opening their branches in Dublin – and therefore attracting foreign talent – contribute significantly to this rise.

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