7 chosen destinations to enjoy a remarkable New Year’s Eve celebration

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Published 2 weeks ago

From breathtaking firework shows and lively street parties to live music and parades, New Year’s Eve across the globe is about finishing off the year in high spirits. Here, we have put together a list of the best destinations in the world to start the new year countdown. As clocks will be striking midnight, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of success with your 2019 expatriation projects!


fireworks in Sydney

More than one million people are expected to join the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney. So, it’s highly advised to plan your attendance to avoid missing out on the fireworks views and other special events. Although feelings of anticipation are centred around midnight’s spectacular range of pyrotechnic effects being fired from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, the organisers have ensured to make every moment before and after the beginning of the new year count. From aerial displays and live performances to lights displays and early evening fireworks for the little ones, Sydney takes full advantage of its warm weather and enthusiastic crowds. Also, note that in Sydney you will be among the first people in the world to welcome 2019 and post festive selfies — how exciting indeed!

New York City

celebrations in New York City
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The Big Apple never stops partying, but New Year’s Eve in New York is about an epic 2018 send-off and a warm welcome to 2019 and all that it represents for each one of us. Every year, hundreds of thousands of locals, travellers, immigrants, and expats ignore New York’s freezing temperatures and count the hours, minutes, seconds to the symbolic lowering of the Ball. New Year’s Eve was first celebrated in Times Square in 1904, but it was three years later that the Ball made its debut appearance atop One Times Square. To make the most of New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City, purchase the Balldrop Pass, which gives you access to multiple parties and VIP events.


Fireworks in London

On December 31st Thames Riverside in Central London is hosting Europe’s most iconic New Year’s Eve happening, starting at 8 pm. This year, the fireworks display is celebrating the UK’s relationship with Europe, passing along the positive message that London remains open to the world. Even though the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve event has now sold out (so sorry to be breaking the bad news to you), there are still plenty of shindigs to attend throughout the city. However, be cautious when planning your New Year’s Eve night out, as transport services will be subject to change and travel alerts will be regularly released.


celebrations in Paris
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See Paris in all its glory on New Year’s Eve, when the City of Lights becomes a great outdoor party spot with spectacular lights and fireworks shows happening just in front of the Eiffel Tower. Well-known event organisers are delivering the best party experiences in town, depending on your age, taste in music, and budget. From endless clubbing opportunities and themed parties in tropical or jungle settings to lots of champagne popping and papillotes eating, New Year’s Eve in Paris will become your most memorable expat experience of 2018.

Rio de Janeiro

fireworks in Rio de Janeiro

New Year’s Eve (Reveillon) is Rio de Janeiro’s second biggest open-air party after the Carnival. Over two and a half million people start to gather early in the day along the legendary Copacabana Beach, from postos 1 to 6 (1, 5 and 6 tend to be quieter) to join the New Year’s free-of-charge midsummer party. Set up your picnic on the beach or book your place in one of the many restaurants in the area for a festive New Year’s Eve dining experience. This year’s live performances are featuring Brazilian pop star Anitta and the samba schools of Portela and Mocidade. Swim, play football, and barbeque while waiting the 17-minute fireworks show, which strikes the beginning of the new year. If you wish to do as the locals do, bring your bottles of champagne to pop at midnight and spray your friends with bubbles. Also, dress in white for good luck and watch the partiers toss flowers and beauty products into the ocean as offerings to Lemanjã goddess.

Hong Kong

fireworks in Hong Kong

Every year, the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong is illuminated by a top-notch fireworks display, which also floods light on one of the most iconic skylines in the world. There are several spots to admire this unique show from, such as the Hong Kong Island, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Open Piazza, and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade in Kowloon. However, make sure to arrive there early. For a more exclusive New Year’s Eve experience go on a party cruise around the harbour with food and drinks included. Alternatively, you can welcome the new year in one of the many world-class rooftop bars.


fireworks in Dubai
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Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building (2,716.5 feet), also boasts a world-famous firework and LED New Year’s Eve show. If you wish to be on the beach, Barasti Beach is hosting two performances this year by the American Fatman Scoop and Dutch Bassjackers. To top it all off, a free-entry pool party begins at 10 am for a last 2018 dip in the pool. Palm Jumeirah will have its fireworks, as well as Burj Al Arab seven-star hotel. You can either head to Kite Beach early enough to find your spot that will secure you the best views to the fireworks, or book a table at any of Madinat Jumeirah’s restaurants. Dubai Festival City Mall offers free activities and entertainment with four fireworks shows, a surprise performance, and live music by Australian singer Katie Elle Jackson.

Expat.com wishes you and your dear ones a Happy New Year 2019!