Top-notch expat destinations for every type of expat

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Published 2018-09-06 16:45

To become successful in your expatriation project and to make the most of your host country, you should be ready to accept changes in your lifestyle and everyday routine. However, we all have a few habits, favourite activities, or personality traits that we are not willing to compromise regardless of our location or circumstances. has selected a few countries depending on your priorities in life to help you choose the most suitable expat destination for you, or to get a better understanding of your new country of residence.

For the sun-worshipper expat

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Australia, the world’s largest island, is one of the most popular expat destinations because it boasts an excellent work-life balance. When not in the office, Australian people prefer to spend their time at the beach, swimming, jogging, surfing, or picnicking. Thus, if your ideal life consists of beautiful beaches, generally good (but unpredictable) weather, and an all year round tanned body, join the 85% of the Australian population who lives on the coast. However, Australia isn’t just about the endless accumulation of vitamin D — in any of the country’s big cities (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide), you can enjoy an abundance of cultural activities, career opportunities, festivals, and delicious food.

For the family-oriented expat

father carries a small son on his shoulders to the famous waterfalls of Skogafoss

Due to their cultural values and traditions, some nations are naturally more family-friendly than others. If you are planning to expatriate with your spouse and children, you should probably consider a place where the family is highly regarded, and where you are encouraged to spend quality time with your beloved ones. The Nordic countries such as Norway and Iceland are very caring towards families, especially mothers and children — they offer financial support, are generous with parental leaves, and take bullying to heart.


For the al fresco expat

Valley in the Triglav National Park, Julian Alps

Slovenia has more than 5,000 km of Nordic walking paths and 10,000 km of mountain hiking trails. Cycling and mountain biking routes amid Alpine flowers and by picturesque lakes are available for leisure family outings, or sportive activities. Bordering with Austria, Slovenia is home to one part of the Karavankas mountain range, which is known for its stunning waterfalls, grassland, and wildlife. Also, the United Nations has recognised Slovenia as a prominent beekeeping location, and special conservation programs promote the importance of bees for human lives.

For the entrepreneurial expat

Silicon Valley

France, Israel, Canada, and Malaysia are all good places to set up your business or become part of an active entrepreneurial environment, surrounded by global talent. However, it is the United States that has the most attractive startup ecosystem in the world, and in particular Silicon Valley with its top universities, venture capitalists and mentors, and billion-dollars-worth tech companies. It is not only the high-density of entrepreneurship that exists in the United States but also the culture of collaboration and exchange of research and knowledge among startups which often represent different industries. New York City is also an established American entrepreneurial hub, but due to the city’s diversity and culture, it is more suitable for the creative minds.

For the avid traveller expat

Emirates plane at Dubai International Airport
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If your expat destination is not your be-all and end-all, and you are continually looking for new travel adventures, then it’s probably a good idea to live in a country which has at least one hub airport. United Kingdom’s London Heathrow has the second highest international passenger traffic in the world, and it is the busiest airport in Europe. In 2017, Heathrow Airport served 78 million passengers. UAE’s Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic, with regular flights to over 150 destinations, covering six continents. Thus, there will always be an excuse to pack and get away for a long weekend. Other countries with hub airports are South Korea, Singapore, and Turkey.

For the foodie expat

indian food

In India’s 28 states, we cannot talk about one, universal kitchen; every region boasts its culinary masterpieces. In Goa, for example, you will eat fresh seafood; in West Bengal and Manipur, flavours are simple yet cooked to perfection, and in South India you will enjoy the renown dosa (a pancake filled with vegetables and cheese). However, what unites all Indian cuisines is the abundant use of spices to create aromas and flavours. So, if you value food as a piece of art, and consider it an excellent opportunity to bring the family together, India might be your ideal expat destination.

For the hard-working expat

hard-working team

 If you're looking to boost your career overseas, you are probably considering the world's economic superpowers such as China, the US, Germany, and Japan. However, depending on your skills, you may find that other countries better suit your professional development. For example, in France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland manufacturing and construction sectors are thriving, whereas in the US most vacancies are available in hospitality and business services. Japan, Canada, and Singapore have job availability in most sectors, including finance, real estate, and insurance.