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Published 12 months ago

Besides career prospects and high living standards, there are other important criteria such as individual and religious freedom, as well as tolerance, to take into account while planning your move abroad. gives you an insight into some of the world's most tolerant countries according to the World Values Survey.


Quebec, Canada

Canada is with no doubt one of the world's most welcoming countries toward immigrants, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Every year, thousands of expatriates move to Canada, not only for the various opportunities available there but also for its safety and tolerance. You will recall that Canada was one of the first countries in the world to legalise the mariage of same-sex couples. Canada's cosmopolitan population comes not only from the Americas and Europe but also from Asia-Pacific and the Middle-east. Its multicultural environment makes it a great place to be for expatriates looking for a new life. The labor market is open to everyone, and the real estate market is also quite dynamic. Most Canadian cities are deemed to be safe and pleasant for expat families. While some Canadians have concerns regarding the country's identity, most believe that cultural diversity is an asset for the country, its economy, and the society at large.


Sydney, Australia

Reflecting a harmonious blend of modern and Western cultures within a cosmopolitan population, Australia is one of the world's most open and welcoming countries towards expatriates, regardless of their origin. Respect for equality, dignity, and personal freedom is highly valued by the society there. The Australian Constitution also guarantees religious freedom as evidenced by their secular government. Australians are usually very tolerant and respectful towards expatriates, which makes it really easy to adapt. In fact, Australians see cultural differences as a source of enrichment for the country. Whether you prefer to relocate in a big city, in the countryside or near the coast, you can always expect a warm welcome.

New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealande
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For expatriates from all around the world, New Zealand is full of opportunities at all levels. It's also worth noting that New Zealand is one of the world's most tolerant countries. Like Australia, the country is home to a multicultural and multiethnic population. Moreover, nearly a quarter of the population is foreign-born. Locals, known as “Kiwis”, are unparalleled travelers, which probably accounts for their openmindedness and hospitality towards expatriates, regardless of their race or religion. Your stay in New Zealand will be a unique opportunity for you to discover the legendary Manaakitanga, a Maori term for “showing hospitality with respect and generosity”.


Oslo, Norway
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Unlike other European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, or even Spain, Norway is far from being a land of immigrants. The country opened its doors to immigrants coming mainly from Sweden, Poland, Syria, and Pakistan only recently. However, Norway is deemed to be one of the world's most tolerant countries, as evidenced by the King's wishes, despite a rising xenophobic trend in the past few years. On the occasion of his 25th anniversary as the King, Harald V expressed his most heartfelt wish that Norwegians become more tolerant, supportive, and generous. Norway was also the sixth country to legalise same-sex mariage in 2009.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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One of the world's most tolerant countries, Brazil has a warm multicultural and multiethnic population coming from different countries. Brazilians are also the world's largest Catholic nation, even though other religions are quite widespread as evidenced by the presence of Evangelical churches and Afro-Brazilian religions. Brazil has a warm and openminded population, making it easy for expats to adapt. It's also worth noting that the Constitution provides for cultural freedom, which probably explains the ethnic tolerance enjoyed by its people.


New York, USA
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Many large American cities such as New York and San Francisco are described as cultural melting pots. Originally a land of immigrants, the USA is world famous for its cultural diversity which reflects not only on the society as a whole but also on its economy. American citizens agree that expatriates, regardless of their social or religious backgrounds, make a significant contribution to the country's economic prosperity through various sectors. Even though the American government is currently imposing restrictions on immigration, American citizens have proved to be more tolerant than ever. Of course, like in any other country, risks of terrorism have led to the strengthening of laws and regulations. However, the USA remains one of the world's most liberal countries when it comes to the integration of different races and religions.

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