Another newbie to Canberra

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, I'm 26, just moved here 2 weeks ago and about to start working as an environmental consultant in Fyshwick.  Also just moved into a place in Belconnen. Like a lot of newbies I'm trying to get out and meet people and establish myself here- any advice or tips anyone?:):D

Hey Ashly

I have lived in Canberra for  few months but i am in Asia now awaiting on my visa to return. Canberra nightlife is not so good to be honest but it is getting better. May i suggest you go to O'Neil Irish bar in the center you can meet all different people in there and also allot of newbies as-well. Bellconnen  holds a student night on a Wednesday  night but not sure of the name of the place its on thats pretty ok  there. I lived in gungahain but its a shit hole realistically

Best of luck

Hi Ash,

Saw your message re being new to Canberra and thought I'd pass on a couple of links to some groups that may be of interest, particularly if you're looking to meet new people in Canberra.

One is a movie goers group, and the other a social based group.

Canberra Movie GoersBest of Canberra Social Group

Kind Regards,


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