caribbean or west indian people in australia

How many trinidadians, bagans, guyanese in ozzie.?

Hi and welcome to caribozzie!

An introduction maybe? :whistle:

Armand Team

Thank you!

I am from Guyana.
Currently living in Melbourne.

Looking to meet up with any Caribbean people downunder.

Hello there,

I too am from Guyana. I'm currently living in south Australia for the past 9 years but is yet to meet other caribbean people here. Not to say that they aren't any, it's just difficult identifying us given that we all look so different😔. So unless u hear someone speaking you don't actually know where they r from. On top of that there's no caribbean society in Adelaide.

But luckily you're  in Melbourne because there's apparently lots of us there. Plus there's the caribvic website which helps unite caribbean people with games nites n other caribbean functions, so u shud be good. Hope u enjoy. 😊

Guyana is  a beautiful place - land of many waters and boasts beautiful scenic places - especially places like Kaieteur Falls, Mt Roraima, etc.

NIce to hear from a Guyanese!
Hows SA?

Hello there,

I'm from Grenada, and I've been living here in Queensland for the last 7 months. Is there anyone from the West Indies here in Queensland or anywhere in Australia? I feel like I'm the only one here in this place.

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