Young woman moving to Al Ain

hi welcome to al ain

You are most welcome here al ain is very lovely place and quite

I am here for 4 months if you need any help you are most welcome dont feel shy to call



hi i am here

Hello all

kindly note that this thread by rebecca is dated June 2011, I think its time to close it down ;)

Kenjee Team

it is better to ask same question from the employer


hi i am paramedic rescue in al ain what you like to work in al ain

Sorry, but do I know you?

Dear Young Girl,

AlAin is a nice place to work and Live. You can come with full confidence

Hi Rebecca! You'll love Al Ain! I've been here for 10 years and I do! It's much quieter than Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and cheaper to live! But you can go to AD or Dubai on weekends for more 'life'. I go to music concerts fairly often.

Keep in contact and we can meet up for a coffee and chat and I'll give you some insight into Al Ain. :-)


Hi, how are you ?
This is Angelo and I saw your post as I log to my account after some time.

Currently I am in my home in the suburban area North of Athens Greece.

I was living in Al Ain until  June 2017 which I left for good to return to my country.
Al Ain is a very quietly city, nothing compered to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Les traffic for sure, except  between the morning from 7 to 8:30  and in the afternoon between 4:30 to 6.

Has a lot of nice parks, like the golf club at which you can walk for hours worry free and in a nice green environment.
Besides that is a little boring place as there are not any clubs or bubs to go, or to a place to hear nice music as it is considering a more conservative place as most of the people living there are Emiraties.
Dubai is around 1 hour and 10 -15 min driving, something which I end up doing every Friday and Saturday to visit friends.

If you already moved there, hope you like it. 
My advice is work in the UAE 3-4 years, save some money and then move back to your home country.
Otherwise you will stack over there, get obsess  with money and when one day you deride to go back to your Country you will realize that you loosed living in a healthy environment.

Take care,

HI Rebecca,
I am new here too.  The first thing I did is that I registered in the Gold Gym a very nice place with indoor pool.  I bought a car but still waiting for my Emirates ID to be able to drive. iam using the Taxi so far.  hope when I get my driving licence we can hang up.  if you want to go places go to " things to do in the Alain" a very interesting site with lots of helpful tips

Hi Collete,

you seem a very fun and nice lady that I would love to meet.  I just moved to Al Ain.  Iam a Lebanese American teacher.  My kids are in the States, and so is my husband.  When I have the Emirate ID and be able to drive around, definitely I would love to meet you for a cup of coffee.

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