Newbie would like to make new friends in Al Ain

Hi all
My name is Saaj....I'm a newbie to the Uae....have been here less than a year.would love to make some new friends

You w/come
How we can help you

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Welcome to EB :)  :top:

Hello and welcome Saaj !

Welcome to Al Ain !
Hope you love it :)

How r u?
I'm newbie also here in Al AIn
looking for friendships.


I hope you are enjoying the new place.

Yeah! Its a wonderful place carry on

hi , welcome. i can be your friend

Hi dear how u. I am Dilshad. Living in Al Ain. Would like to know you to be your friend.


hi welcome


What you do. I mean are you working in any company. Which company you are working.

Hi saaj
Welcome to UAE


I moved recently to al Ain and looking to mke new friends



As u being new here, I welcome u, I hope u would have been settled now as more than one year u have spent  in this beautiful and peaceful country,I wish to share my feelings with u if u take interest  to know me , I will e awaiting ur positive reply soon

Yes pls details

Hello, how things with you

All fine,like to have more friends in Alain UAE,

welcome,uae  is so wonderful country,beautiful and peaceful place to live in ,almost all nationalities would u find here ,have new experiences

welcome here in Alain city of gardens,u will  not be facing any big problem here law and peace  prevail here,almost all nationalities  people  are here ,have new experiences

Most welcome ,if u  r new here , any help u need from me ,do contact me

Hi, You will find  friends of ur choice ,need not to worry, it needs time to  fid suitable friend,almost all nationalities people live in UAE so easy to be  friend u wish dear

Hello there,

Al Aain is a wonderful place to be compare to Abu Dhabi and other places in UAE. Happy to help if I can.

Good luck

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