U.S citizen trying to get work permit in Canada


I am originally from the United States and have been in Montreal for a little over a week. I have fallen in love with the city and would really love to live and work here.

I understand that I need a work permit in order to legally work here but I know that the first step in order to get a work permit is to receive a job offer.

However, i´ve already had 2 potential job offers but they have turned me down once they found out that I do not have a work permit and say that they are not willing to help me get one.

I have a feeling that most jobs will tell me the same thing and I do not understand how someone is supposed to get a work permit here.

To sum things up, I need a work permit in order to get a job but in order to get a work permit I need a job offer but no one will offer me a job without a work permit. What do I do??

I would really appreciate it if someone who knows more on the subject could help me out with this one....

Hello and Welcome to Are you still in Canada? Find an employer who can sponsor you to work in Montreal, an employer must apply themselves to hire someone from HRDC , once they are approved you will be given a job offer to work, the queque is for you to apply with the Immigration of Canada to get the working permit. Find out how in their official website: . Read about American citizen applying for a work permit in Canada, you will find it in their Embassy, Consulate website in USA. :
Thats frtom their Buffalo consular office. I think you need to return to USA or I think you can also  apply while still visiting Canada. Click under "how to work in Quebec province."
Hope this will help you.

Hello again..this is really a helpful info: … x?lang=eng
HRDC Site:

Thank you very much Honeyclotte. I really appreciate it!

Now I just need to find an employer that would be willing to hire me and go through the entire process of getting me a work permit.

I´ve already been turned down by several employers because of the simple fact that they refuse to go through the hassle.

I´m now trying to find out if there are employment agencies in Montreal that specialize in getting jobs and work permits for foreigners.

I really appreciate the help.

You are welcome, an employment agency can be helpful, but you can do the procees by yourself. all you need to do now is send a lots and huge of CVs to a lot of companies in Montral. What about in Toronto? At the right time, something good will come up.Dont worry. Goodluck!

My husband and I moved to Montreal (from the US) because his company really needed him here, and was willing to go through all the BS involved in getting a work permit. Not to scare you off, but it IS a lot of paperwork, waiting, more paperwork, some money, and more waiting. That was even with a job offer in hand, and getting the renewal this year (even though we already are here, the job is the same, etc.) has been a hassle as well.

Here's my take on the whole process: You'll need to be an excellent candidate for your field to convince a company that you're worth those manhours for their HR department. One of the things that a company hiring someone from outside the country has to do is prove that they "can not find candidates in Quebec that meet your criteria, or are available in the short to medium term to fill vacancies." Depending on your skill set and career field, this may be what's holding you back at the current time.

Yeah. I´m willing to go through all that as long as I can find a decent job. Hopefully things will work out.

Thanks for letting me know.


Hi are you still in Montreal? still interested in working in Montreal? I may be able to help
please email me at phina1970[at]

Hi phina1970,

Could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you

So sorry, Yes My name is Josephine, I live in Montreal.  I am American. whos inlove with Canada and Montreal.  Don't let the weather or taxes scare you.  If you know how to appreciate Montreal's richness in culture and education system among other advantages, you will enjoy quality of life here.

Hello Im Cami I currently live in Arizona with my boyfriend and our son. we are looking to move to Canada. We have just started looking and really aren't sure where to start. need help answering questions, do we apply for work visa before we move or once we get there. my boyfriend is in college would it be best for him to apply for a study visa? any and all help with be greatly appreciated. thanks!

I'm having that same problem is there sometime of loopehole or a more simplistic way to obtain a work permit.

Can you help me get a work permit in Quebec?


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