English-speaking jobs in Montreal

Hi everyone - I was hoping you could help with a language question that I see asked a LOT online, but that never seems to get very helpful answers. My husband and I want to move to Montreal. My French is strong, so I am not too worried, job-wise. My husband is a beginner, though. While I know he’d be okay after a year or so of lessons, it makes me worried for his job prospects right away.

We have read about Bill 101 but here’s the thing: I am having trouble believing it is actually enforced in a lot of the multinational companies in MTL. I also know there must be many smaller businesses where business is conducted in English. But if you search online for advice about English-speaking jobs, you’ll be advised to take on menial jobs, call centers, childcare — one site even recommended (only slightly tongue-in-cheek) becoming an escort! I was in Montreal last summer, and having witnessed the amount of English spoken, I find all of this very hard to believe!

My question to you and others is: do you know just how enforced Bill 101 is in the larger companies in Montreal? And do you know where I can find a directory of smaller companies that are likely to conduct business in English? I would appreciate any advice/intel you have. We are both quite capable of conducting daily life in French, we just want to know what the job prospects are for people who, while learning French, might need to start out in an English-speaking job.

Thank you so much!!

There's alot of companies that operates across Canada but are based in Montreal as its HQ. They typically operate fully in English. So most of the time French may not be necessary - although it does help to make your applicant look good.

Is there a list of the top businesses in Montreal that are primarily English speaking? Is so, can someone provide that information?

As far as I know, there are no known list. What I do know from my experience in applying for jobs in Montreal is that companies would advertise seeking bi-lingual despite the fact that they are ok if you only know English. Why? because they want to maintain that image that they are pro-Quebec and pro-French and all that stuff. Normally IT / digital based companies with operations that go beyond Quebec are cool with that.

Job offer received but didn't know where to send it to for an instant work permit and SIN as a US citizen with just visitor status. Any suggestions?

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