New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Dominican Republic forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Dominican Republic if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi there,

Have been reading a few posts on here the last few days. Good stuff!

My story: I’ve got an exciting opportunity to move from UK to DR with my job.

Obviously scary, exciting, sad, worried etc....

Most of my concerns are around practical isssues as a lone woman leaving my life behind and stepping into a total unknown.

Nothing is confirmed yet, as interview to get through and I want to visit before any decision is made.

I’ll probably be living in Punta Cana, any good websites you can recommend to find a rental place? I’m looking for somewhere secure to begin with (24 hr security type thing) if there are onsite facilities like pool and gym that’s good.

I’m also a super keen runner and will go out running for entire weekends, so would like to hear thoughts on running safety there. I’m really talking going out for 20-30 miles preferably in trails. Being used to my independence to do this is important but if I know how to manage my expectations that’s a good start. Where to avoid etc. I’d rather not do Laps of the beach for 6 hours on a Saturday 😬

Has anyone climbed the highest mountain there? Is this safe to do alone?

I’ve found there’s a marathon in April but I don’t think I’ll be there that’s soon and I am doing London marathon first.

I’ll have heaps more questions I’m sure but that’s a starting point and intro ;)

Hi UKBucks, I wish you all the best for your future in this wonderful country. I just moved to a new apartment in Santo Domingo, and found mine in
Good luck!

UK I missed your post, welcome to the forums. You will find a lot of info here!  There is lots of running space in Punta Cana. Safety - only daylight hours.

Read read read and ask any questions you have!

Bloreto - welcome as well. I am also in SD,  hope you enjoy it!

Hola, I am new to Santo Domingo.
I'm looking for any kind of meditation, running, biking, vegan, or rock music scene. I'm happy to meet others for meet ups, maybe in El Mirardor or choosing a new restaurant/ happy hour to try once a month.
Enjoy your day  :)

Welcome to the forums!!! SD has a very diverse culture.   You will find a variety of music and restaurants in the Colonial Zone.

Read the various threads and feel free to create one to talk about this!

My wife and I just made travel plans to visit the DR for the first time. We are staying the Wyndham in Las Terrenas which something different for us as we've never done an all inclusive before but that place looked like it's just what we need for a week or so.
We also want to kinda scout around for when I retire in 7 years and the DR is one of the places we wanted to check out, we've done Puerto Rico and the USVI and we've got plenty of time before we decide.
I just stumbled across this forum and found quite a bit of good information for both tourists and retirees so you have my thanks.


Please make sure to spend lots of time outside the resort as an all-inclusive does not give you any idea as to how "normal, day-to-day living" is here in the DR. Beautiful country, very diverse settings (touristy vs. non-touristy, north coast vs. east coast, vs. south coast, vs. Santo Domingo).  Beachfront, mountainous, big towns, small villages. I'd plan a few more trips before you retire to explore and find what's right for you.

Good luck!

All inclusive resorts tend to down play outside activities unless booked through them They want to keep the bucks spent on site. They usually say it is not safe or not much to see or do. Ignore them & explore all you want. Get to see as much of the north shore as you can.  Welcome & enjoy your introduction to the island.  Read & ask questions. Have fun. Post your thoughts & experience while here.

We plan on spending some serious time away from the resort but we did want a place we could just not have to do anything at times.
As far as retirement goes we are in no way heading to the first place that has warm weather and nice beaches, although anyplace would look good compared to weather here in Philadelphia today. 35 degrees F and rain is lousy no matter how you look at it.

Welcome to the forum!  Las Terrenas is a great place to start your  search in this country.  Its beautiful, laid back retirement style for many.

Then check out other areas of the country, its very diverse.  Read lots, ask lost of questions too!

Hello all. Im rob. After working in the cold for 40 years i want to find work in a mine down there for a few years before i retire. I have been there several times over the last 7 years and found the country and its people very nice. I will be moving into the montellano area as i have friends there

Welcome to the forums. Honey there are no mines near Montellano.   :D

Interesting concept. You can always dig your own. Welcome to the island & enjoy the humor herein. Lots of serious shit too. Jump in and have some fun. There are various mines here but not close. Reply with a smile.

Hi. I do realize the mines are farther south. But until i find work of some sort i figure that would be a good start. I have some friends in punto vana but no mines there either.

Good attitude Rob.  Their are some huge mines here.  Contact them at their head offices - Barrick Gold is here and a big player.  They are a Canadian company.

Yes. Have talked with them .  Found a contact a few years back but was undecided if this was the plan i wanted. Now i am fairly sure. Like 95%. Just need a foot in the door. Then sell my company here for some spending cash. I have a few trucks and dozers. Want to retire but am not quite there yet


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