Banks and American income tax

So I'm very early years trying to figure out immigration processes and right now my fiance in sweeden discovered something that might be tricky. America will require an income tax from me even if I am overseas, but if I am to find a job overseas does this limit or hurt me finding a bank.

Main reason being if I am to be employed I would need a bank. If so does anyone know a bank that would accept Americans. I might be thinking too chicken and the egg on this one but it's a very real concern.

EU banks cannot discriminate on the basis of nationality.  They may offer you a limited account, but any bank cannot deny you an account.  Stop worrying.  Also, yes, you must notify the IRS of your foreign accounts in some cases, and you must continue to file US tax returns.

Romaniac Experts Team

Any bank will take you if you have a personnummer, don't worry. When I applied for mine (at ICA Banken) I saw there were some questions targeted to Americans, maybe you want to look into that one?

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