Do you need a bank account in Sweden,I recommend these banks!

Hi good people. I just felt like i could maybe help someone out there during these 15 minutes before i go to bed. I want to make you acquainted with the best banks we use in Sweden.These are the main banks in Sweden.These are also the banks that you would find everywhere especially in the main cities of Sweden namely Stockholm,Malmö and Gutenburg/Göteborg.
Get a pen and paper to put them down.Also make sure that your choice of saving and opening up a bank should be among these banks. I am going to put down their internet pages too so that you guys interested can go there and find some more information about them and how banking is done in Sweden. They usually have an English version, look for it when you come to their internet page.
1. Swedbank -
2. Nordea Bank -
3. SEB -
4. Handelsbanken -
5. SBAB (No physical offices just on the Internet) -

I hope you find this useful.If you have any question about banking, do not hesitate to ask. I will be more than willing to give you some more info.
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Hi, thanks for this. I find this informational. Do you have any idea what SwedeBank or any of these banks requirements for opening a bank account if you are on a UT or resident permit?

For your reply please go to these banks pages, they hare in English and inform you all the requirements you need to open up an account whether you are a student,resident or non resident.
1. SEB bank - … B1&lang=en

2. Nordea Bankåra+tjänster/Int … 37082.html

3. Swedbank -

4. Handelsbanken - … A7004C45A0

5. Sbab Bank - … count.html

I hope I have helped you some way some how with you question.
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Basically you need to have 13 months resident permit to get bank account. But you can get a bank account without Internet banking after you get accommodation in the place you reside. Get agreement letter from your house owner

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