Mauritian equivalent of British schooling.

My children are currently in Yr 1 ( 6 y.o) and Year 3 (8 y.o)  in Uk.
Am planning to return in July.
Which year group will my kids be expecting to join?
Will they be admitted straightaway or are there waiting periods?
Any good schools?
Please advise.
Thank you.

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You might want to check the existing threads on the Schools & studies in Mauritius section, you will find some reliable information.

The Hampton school in Quatre Bornes has the reputation of being the best private english medium school in Mauritius, you might want to check their website : .
For further information, you can contact them and they shall guide you in the registration process for your children.

You also have the westcoast international primary school near cascavelle shopping mall that i would advise you to get in touch.

This link might also be helpful :

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Which curriculum is this? International Baccalaureate?
If yes, then private schools using the same program may have them, after a test, to their classes directly. I don't know how it works in government schools though.

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