I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!

I'm new here, long story short i'm trying to move to either Manila, Boracay or Kalibo to find a sustainable source of income/employment/bunsiness opportunites.

I've been to the Philippines before and met a beautiful girlfriend, so we're now trying to take the next step in our relationship, and hopefully.. be able to live together without having so much time apart or constant flights between countries!

I currently live in England so i'll be traveling on a Tourist VIsa for up to 59 days to scope the places out and find potential work/friends/contacts then head back to the UK and plan what i'm going to do next.. hopefully i will have found an employer to sponcer me and come back with a working visa or eventually get duel citizenship.

I'm 28 and come from a finance/legal background, having worked with finance company and law firms accross the UK.  Message me for further details on this.

I'll be there in March through till April 2018 so if any Expats or likeminded people are free then i'd gladly meet up with you!

If anyone is at all able to help me.. Like a true Englishman, I may even buy you a pint.

Many Thanks,


Merry Christmas Dan.
Im there from January onwards, keep in touch will buy ya a pint.

hi.. maybe i could help you.. :)

Thanks both, looking forward to it :)

I'll be in Makati from 1st March so will be good to have a meetup when I arrive

well that would be great,.. its would be my pleasure to help you.. anyway tell me about yourself and are you coming here coz of your gf?


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