Young Expats Meet-up

Hi guys,

I don't know if this message will reach its target but no harm in trying, right? My name's Jeremy, French national. I'm 26 yo and I've been in the Phils now for almost 2 years, working now for a sports apparel brand.
2 years is quite long, but even so, I haven't been able to really meet other young expats. So I'm writing today, hoping that there are like-minded people around, ready to grab a drink some time soon in the Metro, talk about our experiences, our life here and anywhere else, passions, disgusts, whatever.

Feel free to message me and I hope to see you around soon.

Cheers guys!


Still nobody interested? Or nobody's reading this? ;)


I'll be glad to have you tag along when my friends and I head out. I have a few friends from Greece and Australia and we're all around the same age so it might be fun.

Hey! Hope we could be friends by any chance.

count me in!

I wonder if some of you would consider locals to tag along. :)

Get it on!!! I would love to meet if not busy!!! Feel free to msg me. Hope alot will attend the meet up. ;)

bonjour!!!!!! im danniellie! ican speak french a me..09395386247...ciao!

Hi, it would be awesome to meet you, my current location is Makati, Manila

hello everyone! I am enjoying reading blogs and forums here...hope I could gain new friends through this blog! have a nice day ahead!:)

Hello folks,

I'm a Brit and my wife is French, we'd love to come and grab a drink sometime.  We've been out here for a few months and would love to share some of our experiences with similarly minded people!

We're 32 and 33, but terribly immature for our age.

Anyone for a drink in BGC anytime?

Hi Jeremy.....

It's interesting for a French guy to live outside his country since I know France is a very nice country to live in. It makes me intrested in you finding comfort in our county. I will be interested in communication with you and share our culture differences with you. Text me [moderated: pls avoid your phone num]

@jeremy  with all  the responses above, all I  could say  is  good luck!  :cool:

I'm Belgian and pretty new here. I'd love to make some new friends, both locals and expats :)

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty much in the same situation as Jeremy and would like to follow up on the conversation. Did any of you managed to meet up or it's just another message which didn't push through?

Anyways, I'm in Makati CBD and would love to meet new people around Makati/BGC on weekdays or anywhere on weekends!


If you wanna meet young (25-40) French expats, go to Cafe Curieux in Makati.
It is beside Burgos but it is definitely not a girly bar.
My name is Phil and most of the waiters know me there so you can ask them if i'm here (Phil the French, one of your best client ;)).
Best chances to catch me there are Friday and Saturday early evenings.

@Thomas, I tried to set a new meet-up event on your other post but i think admin refused it because of internet links.


count me in....Makati area meet up friends

Hope that locals can join too.. Cheers..

Hi. Count me in. :-)

Hi everybody,

As nothing seems to be happening and I see no expat meet-up going forward, I propose to meet tomorrow:

Thursday June 10, 10-11pm at M Cafe in Green Belt 4.

No need to reply or confirm, just come anytime, there are always lot of expats there and if you do not meet anybody from this tread, you will surely meet many other expats and locals. As just said, it is open to expats and locals.
Hope to meet some of you there.


Heya , too bad living in Malaysia . Will be visiting Phillipines in three weeks

hey are u still here in philippines..?

hello mr phil . nice to know you and hope there is a set meeting to that end. love to know and also brush up with some french - y not.

am hong kong resident and here for a while to sort out some properties. By the way whats your professional line mr phil.

have a nice day

rony plumptre

Whoa, i just read this now. Let me know if any meet-up on going :). I live near to Greenbelt

Hello, I'm Daniel, 28, staying in Makati. Looking forward to join any meet up as well if any.

hi im  shae :) living in bgc looking for someone to meet up and make new friends :)

mostly opportunists and grabbers; advantage takers. just be careful. i didnt say all are but what i see of many are just only looking for foreigners to take advantage of. i hope u get well connected to the right choice and meet more of foreign friends too!


Just moved today to Manila, and really would like to meet fellow expats. Please let me know if you wanna hang out :)

:cheers: Hello I'm Shawn from Taiwan , now work in Pasay  , just wanna make some new friends if get free time can come outside travel together  nice to meet you  :top:

Count me in! I'm up for Makati Area! When is this happening?

I'm still in Manila, living and working at Ortigas now :)

Would be nice to meet some new people.

I've been out for a while. Sorry guys. Excited by all those replies. I live in mandaluyong and work in makati. Lets do something next week? What about a Thursday meet up? Options could be: the collective on malugay, or somewhere in greenfield ? There is a chupacabra branch there :)

Hello everyone. Erika here, I live in Quezon City and work in Cubao area. But I travel more often, both work and leisure. Would be good to meet new people from around the globe who loves/like my country as I do. I also like coffee, maybe a meet up over a cup of coffee somewhere in Ortigas or Makati will be good to know each other. :) Thanks. Chat later.


bonsoir jeremy, enfin un serieux appel a la rencontre entre expatries. en fait je suis cyril je reside depuis 2ans deja  aux philipines je suis artiste auteur compositeur evoluant aussi dans la dance sportive zumba; suis dailleur en partenariat avec un instructeur local sur paranaque depuis un ans. it will be a real pleasure to speak that lovely language ''language''french and to be able to spread it out around manilla by having a great fun as well with others. merci pour ton post. pour les retrouvailles  je serai disponible mercredi prochain en soiree; tu pouras m inbox your schedule...***. soon to read from you . god bless. cyril...

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Hey guys!

Great to see so many people from all over the globe who don't mind doing social stuff instead of sitting at home. ;)
I'll be moving to Manila in mid June and would love to meet other great people who decided to move to the Philippines regardless their reasons.

Feel free to send me a PM for tips, tricks and other great stuff you would like to share before I arrive.

Take care gals and guys!

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