Dating A Foreigner girl in Khobar? Help


This might sounds weird coming from a guy who actually is a Saudi but oh well! So I lived most of my life in the states but I just came back and I am talking to this girl ( foreigner) and I want to take her out but since the last time I was here things have changed ( talking about religious police) and my question is : can a saudi guy be seen hanging out with a foreigner girl? Should I be worried?

What do you guys suggest?

it is risky to take her out to a public place. if there is some private function, then you will be able.

So Coral Island is a big no?

Go across the border to Bahrain, to be on the safer side :)

Hello Maythan,

Taking a lady by road to Bahrain who is not legally related to you is a project in itself .

The other options is to go to Bahrain by air which could be expensive but just a moment:

As long as both of you are dressed in "similar cultures" and act normally ie you dressed as an Arab and the lady in Abaya, I do not see any problem in taking your female friend to public places. I have never heard of the religious police stopping couples  at random and asking for marriage certificates :)

I will be careful not to stop by at the corniche in deserted spots irrespective of how tempting and safe it may appear. :kiss:

Unfortunately i don’t have a private place

I would but it’s too much. Customs both ways isn’t fun lol.

you can get in to a bus which is going from dammam or khobar to Bahrian.

This isn't an issue. It's like getting on a plane. You won't have any problems.

If you like your sister or your daughter to go on a date like this the u may think so....!

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