Hiring a Maid - What are the options?

My family will soon arrive in the Kingdom and so I need to find a maid.

I have no idea how to do this - where / how / how much / etc, so looking for some practicle advice.

Are there any agencies which will supply the Maid or do you have to sponsor the person yourself?


Getting a good maid is hard. Here are the options.

- Ask the maid agencies here in KSA. They'll charge on monthly or hourly basis. Though they say so but actually they don't take that much responsibility after they outsource.

- Use your connections (friends, colleagues etc)

- Please check with your sponsor if you can recruit a maid from her native country. (Iqama profession must allow that). This is the best option in my view. But it takes around 6 months and 16-18K SAR expenses.

Thanks TLL.
..I'm not interested in recruiting myself as I can't wait 6 months. Would prefer to use an agency.

I've not noticed any agencies around. Does anyone have a contact in Al Khobar / Dammam area?


hey not sure in khobar, but hear there is plenty just ask any of ur saudi friends. I paid SAR9000 about 1 and half year back. with other stuff like iqama and medical costs total 11500. it took 3 months to get a maid. you have to review some cv's and make a choice. try to follow up a lot with the agency, some give u a run around if u dont follow up.
getting good help may be tough. my experience - first 3 months everything is great, after this the quality of work went down. cant wait for the maid to go back, lol. hey but not every1 has a hard time.

I wish you Good luck! I am here with 3 kids since almost two months, and have Stoped almost all phlipino community in Hotels, restaurante, hospitwls and nothing, if you Find a way please keep me posted
I have hesrd of agencies taking 15000 riyals but again they are coming directly from sudan, eretria Indonesia and you dont have a recommendtion at all as have never done Job before, what do you do once they are here after The whole paperwork? But Good luck and please let me know anyways i can ask for al Khobar área maybe luckier
I can only say i am a 24 hour House maid!

call those agencies all over riyadh, but it will cost about 20 000 riyals to get one.

i can get you one from Kenya in two weeks if you are willing to pay 15 000 Riyals.

alkhalaf :

i can get you one from Kenya in two weeks if you are willing to pay 15 000 Riyals.

Hi K Does this include your agency fee, Airfare and visa + medical?

I am interested post or Pm me if possible on this website.

I have a suggestion if you only need one for a few hours at a time,  few times per week:  hire women who are already here working as cleaners at hospitals, etc.  They welcome part-time work and there's no sponsorship hassles, etc.

Why do you need a Maid?

Did you have one back home or do you work so hard that there is a need for someone to do the dailly chores for you?

Curious........ no offence intended but I never EVER seen an ex-pat back in UK have a "Maid" living with them, especially for the money they pay in ME.......


I agree with RigPig, I'm a do it yourself kinda person and clean my own house. Saves on a lot of money and things get done my way all the way haha

I have a girl come in every week for a few hours to do the vacuuming and dusting.  It gives her extra money and me a rest from the day to day grind.

But you're right--I never had help back home but back home they freakin' charge $40/hr. !!!!

I'm living in Khobar and want to hire a full-time maid.I found one actually but i need a help from an experienced friend about iqama transfer.
Maid is living here in KSA during 2 years and her contract will end in a month.Her sponsor agreed to release her and she wants to go to Manila for a month.How will i be her sponsor?(I am engineer and have right to get a maid i think).Shall i let her go to Manila first without transferring or shall i transfer and let her go?What is the prosedure?
I appreciate for a reply because i have to inform her about progress.

Thanks in advance.

If she has a "no-objection" I "think" either way, but regardless of how it's done, let the poor girl go home for some time before working again.
I understand it's an opportunity for these girls to get gainfull employment but they also have families back home and would love to get the chance to see them over the festive season, bearing in mind that the vast percentage are Catholic.....
You'll be surprised just how much grateful she will be on return... cheery, replenished with hope  and most of all happy to have such a good employer... you'll be spoken about in Manila for sure!

Just an opinion you understand...

Take care......

RigPig ;)

@asunkar  You don't mention if you're married.  If you're a single male, you can't have a female housemaid.

Hi there
I have a friend who can get you a maid in a matter of a month maybe two. If you want I can give you his contact info and you could ask him all you want and he's pretty knowledgeable about the whole process.  My family and I have used him with success.  He speaks decent English but he may be a bit pricey.
Just PM me if you are interested
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