Women cycling in Riyadh

Hello everyone!

I wouldlike to ask if you guys know anything about if it is ok for women to cycle on the roads in Riyadh. I have seen on the TV that there are groups of Ladies cycling in Jeddah and it seems to be ok. How about Riyadh? If I wanted to cycle here and there. Its ridiculous to have to ask such a question but I would want to know before I get the bike if maybe someone can stop me or so. Lol.

How about roller / inline skating in the park? There is a bigger park nearby and they have a nice space where they rent bikes for kids and also one could do skating. Women skating in Abay. How about that?

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you all.


I think you can do it in diplomatic enclave only. I am still unsure. I have seen women without abaya there since there is no restriction over there. Please check it before you start riding in DE.

Women can not ride within city elsewhere.

I think This is forbidden >> but inside DQ. maybe u can but not sure

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