Nfl games in Da Nang

Hello all,

Just moved from the states and have many questions and sorry if this one was already covered.  Trying to catch live NFL games in Da Nang.  Best option is the Internet or is there a bar that plays the games on a consistent basis? Thanks all.


I dont think there is a bar in Da Nang plays that one. NFL is not a famous sport in DN.

Thanks for the bad news.

Thanks so much for the reply.  Maybe I will try to learn to love a local sport.

Try one of these Sports Bars in Da Nang.
- Vertigo
- Universal 2 Cafe & Sports Pub  (google their address)

Not sure about NFL, I see Vertigo has live rugby international on their sports schedule.

Thanks for the tip and once I get adjusted here, I will post how to watch games here.  I will find a way.

There's a bar called Vertigo near My Khe beach. It shows a lot of sports. There's a pretty good chance they show the NFL. I subscribed to the NFL Gamepass. Works great and you can watch any game anytime.....

Thanks so much for the tip. Go Pats.

I use  About $30 a month, and 12 hour time difference so your watching games at 1:00am.  Not a problem for me usually up at 2:00am.  Also can record.  I have used them all over the world.

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