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I've been a competitive ballroom dancer for 8 years. I've recently moved to Da Nang and I'm wondering if anyone knows of ballroom lessons in the area. I've seen ads for them in Saigon but not here. Just hoping someone might have a suggestion.  Thanks!!

Hello Carolt and welcome to

We have a Dance Classes field in the Da nang Classifieds section of the site. Droping an advert there may help :top:


Out of curiosity I looked in the Danang>dance classes classifieds and there are no entries so it is certainly not an active location.  I won't say any more on that as I have already expressed my opinion on the classifieds other than for Real Estate or other items for sale.

Ms. Carolt:  Were you thinking of work as an instructor or mostly looking for a group for recreational dancing?  I did not live in Da Nang but I know that many of the larger parks in HCMC have recreational ballroom dancing in the evenings.  Ballroom dancing is remarkably popular among Vietnamese with a preference for Latin beats.  I am fairly certain that if you find the right park in Da Nang you will find fellow enthusiasts.

Thank you for your reply. I'm hoping to find a professional teacher/partner so I will check out the park here and see what i can find. Thank you!

Hi, hope you got the clubs.
In case,
1) Dance club Cau lac bo Khieu Vu, Ngo Si Lien Street +84905900883
2) Paradisco Latino if you know fast S American dance.
Your better chance is 1
Hope this help. I d been to DN in May, back to London now! Really love DN.

Thank you for the info -- I will definitely look into it!

Hi Ballroom dancer,

Check out the dance floor at the Faifoo Hotel, which is situated next to Da Nang Railway Station and Da Nang by night dance floor, best times are evenings  from 8 pm.  If you come to Saigon, we can start dance studio here, I am a dancer too and live here, the dance culture is buzzing here.

Good Luck and keep in touch......................Des

Thanks so much for the info -- I'm just getting settled finally and I will definitely check it out. Thanks again, Carol

Hi, I also moved to Da Nang this July and I used to be an amateur ballroom latin dancer as well for almost 5 years. I've been looking for a professional teacher or at least dance studio where I can practice on my own, but still cannot find any.
So did you find anywhere? :)

thanks for the info guys - will be looking into that
does anyone know about Ceroc / Modern Jive in DaNang?

I could teach that, if people were interested, say hi if you want to know more :)

Hi folks,
Here a vn website to find dance partners and places to dance in Vietnam:
("Ban" means "Dance Partner")

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