Moving to Salford Good / bad area and other things


I have gotten sick off Sweden and when I went to a trip to Manchester i feelt really home there so I decided ill move there i dont have anything to lose. Im about to sign a contract for a shared house to move in the first next year a room i really loved but would like to see if its a alright area and what areas to avoid at nights in salford, ill be living around Glenlord M5 5EY. And how do I shop for blankets, pillows and so on whats the best shops, is it something you can carry home or do you have to order online. Also, whats the best grocery store. Sorry for alot off questions, im so excited :)

Hello there! Congratulations that you will live in Manchester/Salford. To be completely honest this part of manchetser/Salford isn’t a dangerous area because you’re very close to the university of Salford, Salford central railway station and there’s many students in this area. Funnily enough I live about 15mins from the location you provided. There’s a big Sainsbury’s on regent road retail park. I would say it’s about 10-15 minute walk from your location and this is a big supermarket that has clothes, food, cutlery, house equipments, tv, games etc and there’s also a cafe inside and I’m certain you will find pillows and that sort of stuff if not there’s an ‘Argos’ in the same retail park and they have everything you will need from electronics, bedding equipment to bikes. You can buy it online or in store depends on your preferences and the best place to shop for food are Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s, we have Waitrose but it’s very expensive. I hope this helps.

LOL - Really!  Be very careful.  Salford does have some nice areas, but it also has some very rough places.  I've run a business there for the past 22 years.  I've had customers mugged, vehicles were stolen, a colleague was attacked and raped while she walking home one evening.  This all happened within 500 metres of the Salford Media City

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