Denying entry into the Philipines

Good day friends,
I am here again, earlier it was about my visa overstay in Vietnam and you guys give me awesome advice.
Now me and my friend got held in Manila, Philippines airport, when tried exiting from Vietnam to get a new visa to enter back Vietnam. We got to the Manila airport and the immigration held us for no entry.
We were asked to go back to Vietnam and here is the case we have no visa. The airline has paid for a ticket to take us back to Ghana but we will transit in Dubai.
our plans are, after arriving in Dubai, we buy a different ticket to any Visa free country close, so we sort out our visa issues and return to Vietnam.
I asked the airlines whether we will have our Passports upon arrival in Dubai to transit, they said yes but i am not sure since most cases the passport is been given to the pilot.
Please what do you guys think?  and what about the decision we have taken?
Thanks in advance and my advice to any African or Chinese or Indian trying to fly to Philippines to be very careful because their immigration are **** there. I met over 10 Africans, 15 Chinese, and some europeans been denied entry.

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Uhm, did you have a visa to enter The Philippines.

Do you need a visa to enter Philippines as a citizen of Ghana?  There are conflict information on the Internet -- some sites say yes while others say no.

Have you done anything that could have put you in the black book with immigration of either your country or the Philippines?   Just because the citizens of your country can enter another country doesn't mean you as a person can.

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