Anyone know of any Salsa dance classes in Riyadh???

Next logical question: where can i get a good stint of martini? (obviously alcohol free)
Also, i am thinking here that any happening salsa class will be halal (mWm)?

Anyone know of any Salsa dance classes in Riyadh???

this is what i am also trying to find mate

Did you find any places that provide salsa classes? If so would you let me know, cause I’m also interested!

I will let you know once the salsa class has started again. 50 sr per session. i never joined any but i always receive an invitation from my friends in the compound.

I’d like to enjoy one so could you please provide me info.😁?

So far this time there are o info yet about the class but once they inform me, i will let you guys know.

Thanks alot

I'm also interested in learning salsa. Kindly send me details. Thank you.

Some how maybe we can do it with a company 😁

I am really sorry for that ..
Because i want to change my mind and move from here ..
Today i will collect some information of visa for Canada.

I just moved to Riyadh and I look forward to teach salsa as much as I like to social dance if anyone can get me in to any salsa events here ?

Hi .. guys ..
happy to be here and know that there is salsa in Riyadh !! I used to dance salsa in many cities around world specially in Asia .. and I’m have been living in Riyadh for a many years but didn’t think that I’ll gave it here ! So can u help me to find the place ! Thanks for all

Hello!  I know your post is from a few months ago but was wondering if you’re still in Riyadh and where the salsa is. :)
I’ve been here only a week and would love to find some salsa dancing.  Thank you!
Alma from USA

Hi!  I’ve been here for only a week and looking for places to dance salsa.  Please let me know if you find any. Thank you
Alma from USA

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