How to get overseas job?

Hi Professionals,

Would you guide, how to find a overseas jobs?


what field are you seeking and where would be your first choise of moveing

Hi Beachsoiree, thanks for your quick response.

BTW, I am in IT software industry, ready to move any place.

Hi mate!

This is just my two cents worth on your concern.

If you're in the IT industry, you need not move anywhere to be able to find an overseas job.  Location should be the least of your worries. I would say your profession is location-independent -- you can ply your trade anywhere you want as long as you have a dependable pc and an equally reliable internet connection.

Yes, I'm referring to remote or online jobs, also called home-based gigs, or better still freelancing.

And you don't run out of companies looking for your skills-set. There's a plethora of IT jobs on the net.

As always, Mr. Google is at your beck and call.

Thanks Brother, for your concerned suggestions. By the way, i would like to form in IT MNC based companies. Who are all really willing to do.


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