Are part time jobs available ?

My name is samad from Burkina Faso in Africa, I am 22 year old,
I am accepted in Aydin University of Istanbul.      So I will come to study.
I want to know , if I come, can I find a part time job? Because I want to study and Work a part time in order to get some money .......
Please Help me.....

although you can find one;
1) the working hours will not be suitable with yr university schedule.
2) you will be paid half without permit.
3) the best job you can find will be dishwashing or similar.
what is yr profession and master class choice? maybe yo can have one within the university environment where there is almost no money but investment for the future of yours..

U can do maybe one work by urself .thats possible

You might find part time data entry jobs at cargo firms. Shifts are late at night 18-23 pm and you get about minimum wage

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