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Hi everyone!
I was wondering how to apply for a work permit . There is a very good job opportunity  but the requirement is having the residence and work permit. I guess I can manage the residence permit but I am totally clueless how to apply for a work permit.
Thanks  :/

you should have a job first, then the company will apply for you, you cant do it by yourself, unless you are a company owner

It's strange, I've had a lot of employers offer me work if I have a work permit. Then I explain they need to hire me and get me a work permit, then the conversation is over. I've even offered a potential employer to go and investigate myself and then when I did, they didn't take any steps to do their part. I think a job with a work permit is out of reach unless you are extremely qualified for that position or you are willing to be a slave to your employer until 5 years later when you qualify for citizenship.

I think you need theorist visa, then after you come to Turkey you apply for a tourist residency which is given usually to the extend of two years
That is much easier


No one can give you a job offer and then require you to have a work permit (maybe they meant residence permit?), the work permit needs to be part of the offer, or else you work illegally. In order for your boss to apply for your work permit you need to have at least 6 months left on your residence permit by law.  When you apply for a residence permit you can do that on your own, important things you need are a rental agreement or a utility bill with your name on it for proof of address in Turkey, health insurance for foreigners in Turkey that covers you for a year, possibly proof of living expenses in your bank account for one year.

Thanks. I was not aware that I can not even have the work permit before 6 having the residence permit. So, I guess I should totally forget about it :(

Maybe you could get more information from the nearest Turkish Consulate.

Dear as I said before l think you need to come first and have a tourist visa
The Turkish authority gives a month visa the day you touch the Turkish soil then you apply for an extended vise which can be given to you up to 2 year
Then you can do whatever you like after

Guys, obviously; there's a confusion about Ikamet ( Residence Permit ) & Work permit:
If someone wants to work and finds a POTENTIAL EMPLOYER , then it's according to Law , the EMPLOYER has to apply for Work Permit, in the case, that some employers pretend that you have to obtain the work permit by your own; it 's NO SENSE , so, forget about it as if THEY ARE REALLY POTENTIAL, THEY WILL PAY THE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO HIRE YOU, it's as simple as that.
When your Employer is going to apply for Work Permit, you have to put in account that you have to obtain 6 months of Ikamet, of course, you 're going to mention it as the reason for the demand.
Now, in the case, that you obtain Work Permit , it will function for Ikamet ,too.

Thanks. It means that I have to come to Istanbul being jobless. This is really difficult to handle. Who wishes to spend the saving :(

Of course you can come jobless
But I didn't say that,  you've better come first regardless the job issue with tourism visa
Then if you have a previously settled job you fix your situation from tourism to employment
I think everyone does that

Hı. .

You're making a wise decision.  It will be best if you find a job first and get the employer to take care of your work visa.

Over past three years I have seen ample people who've come here with job promises only to go back after a couple of months.

If an employer is serious about hiring an individual, they would take care of their legal/residential issues.

Hope this helps. 
Good luck. 

pmirghaffari :

Thanks. It means that I have to come to Istanbul being jobless. This is really difficult to handle. Who wishes to spend the saving :(

Are you able to have interviews - via etc - then get a job that way.  The employer would then arrange for a work permit etc to be done?  Or do you have to go in person to arrange the work permit??

Thank you


Kindly let me know about Tourist Residency that you have mentioned in your reply.  How can I get this kind of residency if I visit Turkey and what ventures can I undertake after getting this residency permit?
What would be the procedure and the costs involved?

I will highly appreciate your reply.




I have just gone through this process.
The company interviewed me via Skype. I arrived in Istanbul on a tourist via (e-visa). The first thing you need to do is get a Tax number and an address. The school I work for is arranging the Residence visa and work permit. You first need to apply for the residence visa together with your tax number. Once your residence permit arrives, the company you work for SHOULD apply for the work permit. This permit is quite expensive which may the reason many companies prefer to employ someone who has a work permit already. However there are many other companies willing to assist you with this process.
You could apply for the work permit from your home country, but that could take up to 4 months. And ideally your potential employer would want you to start working sooner rather than later.

Best of luck

Anybody who still needs help in Residence and work permit, can write to me. I am experienced.

Friends first, good day
Work permit documents can be obtained from abroad.
1- Signing a contract with the company
2- The Company asks you for your information and applies to the MINISTRY OF WORKING with this document.
3- The Ministry of Labor questions the suitability of the applicant company.
4 - If the company's application is accepted, you will be granted a work permit, and a work permit will be issued by the Turkish Consulate in your country of residence.
5- 1 month in Turkey You must enter the Residence Permit application.

Best regards

Hello and Salam Istanbul,

Can any One guide once work permit is issued by the Company, I heard there is some amount taken by the government and is to be paid by Employee around 900TL. Is it a tax or social insurance. Can anyone confirm who supposes to pay this amount?

Appreciate your help


I also interesting about "orurma izin" how to make it and how much taxti it needs for all  documents need


In order to have already work permit you have to be Turkish citizen. Considering that you are foreign ,you can't have it alone,so you need to have signed contract with that company and invitaiton letter from company,and you are applying for work permit in Turkish embassy in the country where are you born.

Hello Mira,
Can you Guide once we are there in turkey on a work permit. Is there any taxes or Social security which is deducted from the Salary every month.

Appreciate your help

Hello I need to do both, what I've to do for this


Sure, I will try to help you. When you apply for work visa, it can be accepted, and can be denied. If it is accepted, while time employer need  to apply to Ministry of health for insurance. Really, I am not sure, if the employer will cut a bit from your salary according to helath insurance, or he will pay full amount for insurance without cutting your salary.It depends by the will of employer. My advice is, if you didn't moved yet in Turkey to dont rush with work permit. Once you come here, first take some time, get know the city,people, make residence permit,and after when you find trustable people and good company then try to make work permit.

Thanks, Maria. Actually, they told me that they will process my work permit after I arrive Istanbul, but there will be some government fee of 900TL to be paid by me every month.  I wanted to be sure about if this Ministry Insurance are usually paid employer or is it Necessary to be paid by Employee So I can negotiate my terms accordingly.

Appreciate your valuable time.

That means that you will pay alone 900 tl for your insurance,and they will not pay for you.Normally, they should pay that money for your insurance.In my opinion, you shouldn't pay it, and I advice you to be patient, go there, and wait,maybe you will find another company who will pay that money for you.

Mira I really appreciate your support and information it really helpful, will negotiate my terms accordingly. Have a good evening

Yes, if you have work permit you have deduction of 900tl a month for your insurance.

how are you sir
i am from kashmir india..
i need residence on istanbul....
i wana travel to istanbul for my bussiness...
i am dealing with handmade kashmiri handicrafts....i need guidence for
visa & also for staying in istanbul...

Thank you 😊
You did say everything and explain very good

Helloo Every one, some already have answered the question just to sum up, there are two ways to do it, i will not go into details, it is already mentioned up.
1- you come here, take the Tourist residency, then the company apply for you and legally you cannt work during this period till the MOL give the approval for your working permit. (takes around 1.5-2 months) "but most of company manage to recruit you as advisor or un offically"

2- If you agree with any compay, they will apply for your working permit while you are abroad and you have to go and take it after a while through the Turkish embassy in your country and you come to Turkey and start work. (take between 1.5-2.5 months normally)

Hope it was useful.


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